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ACE Career Prezi Santy

CPD 150

on 5 June 2017

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Transcript of ACE Career Prezi Santy

Career Prezi:
Your Name
Professor Sa nty
CPD 150
June 12, 2017

Personal Introduction

Nature of the Work
Job Outlook
Colleges That Offer This Degree:
Bachelor's of Science
This is where you will type your opening paragraph. Include personal details of just why you have chosen this career field. Make sure it fits in this frame, and you use complete sentences. Adjust the point size of this font if you need more room. Spell check and proof read carefully before you submit this assignment.
Use bullet points to list what they do
Delete any bullets you don't need
Choose the most important points from your research about this job
Center the copy in the middle of this box when you have finished making your points
University of Florida
University of South Florida
Florida State University
Decribe the percentage increase (or decrease) in this occupation. Use statistics from the OOH or the Kuder. Is this above or below average? What state do you plan to work in? The job outlook will vary from state to state. You might want to insert a graph here to show the growth in the next decade.
Discuss the salary range here: low, median, and high. Is there an hourly wage?

How important is money to you?
Training, Qualifications and Advancements
Minimum education: Bachelor's Degree
List other training and education that you need to become one
List any license you might need, graduate school, or internships required
Adjust point size as needed
Career Title
Work Environment
This is the section where you discuss what kind of location this career requires. Is it an office job, an outdoor location, a position that requires a great deal of travel, or is it flexible?

Insert pictures or graphics to make this slide interesting.
Related Careers
This is "Plan B"
This is where you personalize this research. Give this Prezi a finished feeling by wrapping up your thoughts and plans on this career. How will you stay motivated to complete your education and enter this field? Do not introduce anything new in the conclusion. Make sure to spell check and proof read carefully. Use complete sentences--no run-ons and no fragments!
Why I am choosing this career
Insert a picture here
One or two more pictures or graphics
Edit size as needed dragging in from corners to enlarge or reduce
Is job growth increasing over the next 10 years?
...or "Plan C"
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