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Ágnes Bezsila

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of MosaicLights

Launched its brand new technology and products at 100% Design London in 2012.
Owns a patented know-how of a special lighting technology
The product
Switch Control Box
there is a switch inside the control box that can be attached to and activate other electronics in the house (light, garage-door, air-conditioning..)
Animation ControlBox
It displays any pattern or animation put on an SD card. It can be activated by internal (touch, RFID) or external (wifi, daylight) events.
Clock/Temperature ControlBox
Attached to modules of external sensors, it displays time or the wall / air temperature .
It attaches various interfaces to MosaicLight' system, such as:

DMX (used in stage technolgy),
IR/RF/KNX controllers (used to switch on/off by other remoters),
USB (used to suit PCs)
WIFI (used to control the modules with mobile tools, such as cell phone, PC, etc.)
Animation ControlBox
Interface ControlBox
MosaicLights' product is a module based system, that...
...lights up a given surface from behind
...displays data that can be further animated for decorative or functional purposes
any picture, pattern displayed on the surface
design-, function lights to contol third party devices (elevators, lights, air-conditioning, safe codes, etc.)
"walking" lights (stair-, pathway follow lights
design-, function lights for time and temperature measure and display (world clock, pool-, bath temp. info)
invoicing and payments beyond water, wet areas
medical solutions
color-therapy rooms (personalized RFID cards)
steam-bath, sauna temperature and time measurers
generative games for children (touch sensor games)

Focuses on continous R&D
Small and innovative hi-tech company founded in 2009.
Decore-, function
free structure-, pattern, design
TECH support
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