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Grace R

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Sia-

The Clip:
Where is the piece located?
The location of Sia's video is in a run down decrepit house. The video takes place in three acts: a bedroom with mouldy walls and pictures throughout, a kitchen where the dancer talks to herself and a living room where she entertains her invisible guests . Each room room has an eerie feel to it, with dirty walls and minimal furniture.
Was this film clip successful in helping the song?
The film clip was very successful in helping the song. Sia chose a well known dancer that is known for her amazing dancing. By choosing Maddie Zeigler this would have attracted a much wider audience that may not have heard Sia sing before.
Do you like this video?
Yes I do like this video. I like this video because the song is really catchy and the choreography is amazing.
I already knew Maddie from dance moms and this was a completely different style of contemporary to what she normally does and I thought she was amazing in it.
The Clip:
What are their movements

The movement in this video are very unique and eccentric movements. There are parts in this video where the choreographer, Ryan Heffington, used classic turns and jumps , but most of the movements were very unique .
In each different scene there is a sequence of sharp/ strong movements to the beat of the song. Each scene also features different body actions, especially in the scene of the kitchen. This video also includes:
What is the costume?
The costume the dancer is wearing in this video is a flesh colored body suit and a bleach blond wig, an almost exact replica to Sia's hair. She also has a drawing on each of her hands that says
"Dont think". Around that it has a platter of paint and some drawings that resemble those of a child
I think Sia made a decision to feature dancing in her video to add more power to the message of the song.
The movements in the film clip are very strong and adds to the powerful message that Sia portrayed in her lyrics.
When you first listen to the song, it sounds like a regular pop song but after seeing the film clip and really listening to the words you begin to understand the message. And by having someone dance in the video it adds extra depth and emotion to the song.



The Performer

Give some background information
Sia Kate Isobelle Furler was born on the 18th of December 1975. Sia is a downtempo, pop, jazz singer and songwriter. She was born into a household of music and arts. Her father and mother were both musicians in numerous bands.
Her voice was discovered when she was in a karaoke bar in Italy. A local DJ was there and liked her unique voice.
He later asked her to sing in one of his songs which was the beginning of her musical career.
The Song:
What is is about?
The song Chandelier by Sia, has a strong message that may not have been perceived initially.
This song is about performers and celebrities struggling with their life being so public. Almost all of the moves resemble a puppet like actions, this representing the impact the media can have on a persons life and the decisions they make.
This song goes from a seemingly happy life into a desperate struggle,
"Sun is up, I'm a mess, gotta get out know, gotta run from this. Here comes the shame"
Who wrote it?
This song was written and co- written by Sia and Jess Shatkin and produced by Greg Kurstin.
This song was written by an inpromptu jam session between Sia and Jesse. They were sitting in Greg's living room and stared playing with his piano, drum kit and marimba. Sia then recorded it on her phone and sent it to Jesse, who turned it into a track.
This was the beginning of her new song
Who's in the band?
Sia is a solo artist but has a back up band to play at each of her live performances and recordings
The Song:
Was it popular?

Sia: Chandelier (2014)

The Clip:
Who choreographed it?
This video was choreographed by Ryan Heffington. Ryan is known for his unusual work. His impressive resume includes national art galleries, fashion show runways, professional dance stages, numerous TV shows and some of the grittiest nightclubs around the world.
How many dancers are there?
- Falling
- Focus
- Stillness
- Level
- Percussive
- Gesture
- Turning
- Dimension
What is the expressive intention
of this piece?
The choreography in this video mimics being moved like a puppet, forced smiles, tears, hiding in a corner, arguing with no- one and collapsing on the floor.
This video shows the dancer, Maddie Zeigler, talking to herself, in a living room where she entertains invisible guests and dancers at a party that's not there. Towards the halfway mark of this video she runs out and desperately knocks on a door that doesn't open for her and she returns, sad, to the room of the empty party.
The expressive intention behind this video is the life of a party girl/ celebrity is fake. The smiles are fake and she is simply a puppet controlled by others.
Ultimately they're are alone with invisible friends, lovers and parties. Life isn't all as it seems.
Why did the performer decide to interpret her song in this way? Was there a message involved if so, how did the clip help get this across
Does this clip relate to other work the performer has done?
All of her songs are very are very quirky and unique, yet they are still very popular on the Australian music scene. Sia's song always have a meaning or a strong message behind them.
There is only one dancer in Sia's video. The dancer is Maddie Zeigler. Maddie is an American actress, television personality, dancer and model. She is best known for appearing on the Lifetime reality series, Dance Moms.

Where does the dancing occur
The dancing in this video occurs in an old run down house. Spread throughout the house are different pictures.
The house is quite big, but very empty and lacks furniture and of course people.It looks as though no one has been living in this house except
There are three scenes in this video, the first is in a bedroom where a prominent picture of Sia hangs, the second is in the kitchen where it appears she is eating and talking to herself and the third is in a living room where she is performing to invisible guests.
How many sections does this video have? What is the form of this video?
There are only three sections to this video. The first is in a bedroom, the second is in a kitchen and the third is in a living room. Once she had finished a dance sequence in one room she would travel to the next etc. This clip has been filmed with a saturated effect, it looks like all of the colours have been faded out.
Give an overall interpretation of this clip
This is a very powerful film clip with a very strong message to go with it. Using a dancer in the film clip adds more emotion to the video. The movements in the clip perfectly fit the expressive intention. This video has attracted worldwide viewing and is still growing in popularity.
A lot of popular songs in most recent years don't have any meaning to them, yet they are still popular. In this case Sia has not only created a pop song but it has meaning and a strong film clip to back it up.
How does the movements relate to the expressive intention
Each movement in the film clip has strong ties to the expressive intention.
Each choreographed step, gesture, jump and turn expresses what Sia is singing about perfectly. The choreography that Ryan Heffinton created was unique and different. Although the choreography is unusual Ryan Heffington still managed to create a link between the words and the movements.
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By Grace Rukuwai

- The Time magazine published an article with the title
"Sia's “Chandelier” Video Might Have the Best Dance Routine of the Year"
This article continued on to praise the 11 year old's performance and Sia's lyrics.
- In an article by the Magic Critique they stated that this song was
"It's arguably the best pop song of the year with its massive hook and booming beats. And it wouldn't be a Sia song without some incredibly dark lyrics that make you question whether she's ok or not."
- A web article review from MuuMuse has said that
"Sia has always been an exceptional story teller, but she has eally gone and done i
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