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Should teens over 13 years old be allowed to watch Rated R m

No description

Ayanna Smith

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Should teens over 13 years old be allowed to watch Rated R m

Colleagues from USA Today asked 6,522 children if they ever watched Rated R movies.
12.5% of teens stated that they have seen Rated R movies.
22.6% of teens have seen rated R movies without having their parents knowing.
Theaters even admit that they have let teens around the age of 14-15 to see Rated R movies with their parents.
Some parents might oppose to letting their teens watch Rated R movies because they think that their teens might copy all the inappropriate things like in the movie. Maybe, it might make teens more violent. Also, think of it like this, would you want to watch a rated r movie where it shows inappropriate things with your mom or dad?
Some people might say yes but, some might say no because people have divergent theories about this topic. My opinion about Rated R movies for teens is that they should be allowed to watch them.
Also, teens are mature enough to do what they want. I think teens over 13 years old are at the age where their parents should hopefully let them make their own choices. The outcome of their choice might not be the best but they can learn not to go see those particular movies again, or they might love those movies and will watch it all the time, even if their parents said yes or no.
Should teens over 13 years old be allowed to watch Rated R movies?
Last but not least, it might show that they are responsible enough to watch the movie and some of the Rated R movies can be documentaries. The movie "Bully" is PG13 but the things going on in the movie is like a Rated R movie because of the strong language, but most kids have seen that movie before.
Like I said before, I think teens over 13 years old should be allowed to watch Rated R movies because they should be mature enough and they probably already seen those things before.
Where I got my information from
A lot of different people have many distinct opinions over diverse ideas. Perhaps the question should be if teens over 13 years old be allowed to watch Rated R movies?
Most teens at this age already watch Rated R movies, even if their parents said not to watch it because they're too young.
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