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''The Tell Tale Heart''

No description

Emiliana Hughes

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of ''The Tell Tale Heart''

"The Tell Tale Heart"
By Edgar Allan Poe
Born in 1809 until 1894 (40 years old)
Lived a life surrounded by tragedies that inspire him
His father abandoned his family and his mother died when he was 2 years old
Taken by a foster family with a business father, but never fit on it and escape at 18 years old
He had a hard life

Edgar Allan Poe...
This is a story of the narrative genre, specifically of the branch of Thriller. Thriller genre includes suspense .It gives the viewer a feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, uncertainty, anticipation, tension, and anxiety.

when the author includes some objects or colors in his story that represent different ideas.

Dramatic Irony:
when we know something, commonly a terrible event, will happen next but some of the characters have no idea.
events that are used as clues of what will happen next.
the detailed description of the surrounding.
Literary techniques
Poe himself thought that in order for literature to be considered good it should evoke emotions from the reader and create a feeling of unity between the two.
story is
Today we will talk about a story that has impacted more than a million people . Edgar writes in a Gothic style and has always written in his own way, without mattering what everyone else would think about it. Even though he died without a place to fall dead, he is nowadays known as the master of the Gothic genre (suspense, thriller), so we want to share with you one of his best masterpieces: The tell-tale heart
its when the whole story is a symbolism.
We would like to close this assignment by saying that this story is pure symbolism (Allegory) and every single detail has more than one meaning, also represents events on daily life and how our judgment of wrong or right can torture us when we don’t listen to them, or how an evil thought that helped us to do something wrong can betray us. Wrong isn’t in other people, it is inside us.
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