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Animal Crossing

A brief description of the game.

exxt119 camp

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing What is Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing is a life simulation game
where you move into a small countryside town.
You have to pay off mortgage and get
allong with the towns people. There are
three Animal Crossings: the first, Wild
World and City Folk. Each one is different. The first Animal Crossing was
made for the Game Cube. In Japan,
it was actually called "Animal Forest". It has the basics of the game, catching fish, picking fruit, etc. The second Animal Crossing was
made for the DS. A few improvements
were made, such as internet play, more
fish, fossils and insects, and the game
became portable. The newest Animal Crossing is called Animal Crossing City Folk. Players can now go to the city using the bus to shops and other city attractions. Also, there are more holidays, different files are in different houses, and there
is a microphone for Wii Speak. Main Characters (Not including You, the player) Tom Nook Tom Nook is most important character in Animal
Crossing, not including the player. He builds,
upgrades your house and lets you sell and buy items.
He also can be annoying, because he is always giving
you more mortgage. He also upgrades his store: Mable Mable is a tailor in the game, and owns
"The Able Sisters" shop with her sister,
Sable. She sells clothing, and lets you
design your own. Redd Redd owns a shop in which you need an
invitation from a member of the store to
get in. I the Animal Crossing wiki, it says
that his service is "Black Market". His items
are more expensive than Tom Nook's Store
and some of his paintings are forgeries (there
is insurance in Wild World), but he
sometimes has rare items that appear only in
store. Pelly Pelly is an important charecter in Animal Crossing.
She works in the town hall, and lets you do simple
activities such as donations, send mail, and in all
versions except city folk, helps manage your bank
account (in City Folk, an ATM does).
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