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Futurelink Summer School 2013

No description

Futurelink School

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Futurelink Summer School 2013

Futurelink Summer School 2013
It has been a looong summer...
There's more...
But the summer wasn't all numbers.
All that is

The facts
Thank you so much for spending your summer with us. We did it!
so I'll keep this brief. Here's a summary of
what we've been up to!
This summer,
we were in class
for 44 days.
That's 308 hours of class time.
and 44 hours of recess.
We worked on 1,494
math, English, and
writing packets.
That means we went
through 74,700 pages
of work!
We read 1,555
Reader books.
That translates to
17,145,213 words read
this summer!
We received 20 spelling/challenge words a week.
That's a total of 2,160
We wrote 747 essays.
We took 2,988 tests.
but that's not all...
We filled out 747
reading logs.
1,540 of those lunches were prepared by Principal Marie.
We went on 8
field trips.
We went through at least ten handballs.
We ate 3,735
hot lunches.
We had 220 recesses.
We had 8 teachers
1 secretary
and 1 principal.
The happy memories we made
the lessons we learned
and the laughs we shared
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