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the first nation group i have chosen to research is the inui

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Katie Hay

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of the first nation group i have chosen to research is the inui

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inuit people
For centuries, the inuit hunted animals for survival. They manly ate meat and fish. Inuit killed only the animals they needed and wasted nothing. They found uses for every part of the animals. Oinuit woman sewed animal skin into clothing and blankets. They used mostly harpoons that the heads were mad out of walrus tusks or whalebone to catch the fish. For hunting the inuits used spears, bow and arrows, clubs and stone traps. The inuits used knives for cutting meat and also snow and ice.
The summer home was a tipi. It was made of caribou or sealskin hung off a frame made out of driftwood or whale rib bones. The winter home was an igloo. It was made of hard packed snow. They had knives mad of bone, later and steel to cut snow blocks.
beliefs, rituals, ceremonies and traditions
The inuit believed in animism all living and non-living thing had a spirit. That included people, animals, inanimate objects and forces of nature. A ceremony called a "bladder dance" was often after a large hunt. The child should be born in a hut that is separate from the hut that the family lives in. Traditional story telling mythology and dancing remain import parts of the culture. Family and community are very important.
The inuit had different methods of travel depend on the season. In the winter they traveled across the frozen snowy arctic ether by foot or dog sled. During the summer they took advantage of the open water and traveled by foot.
To keep warm inuit dressed in layers of loose-fitting clothing. On top of all these layers. They wore a fur parka that hung down to their knees. They also wore sealskin boots called kamiks or mukuks. Some inuit still dress this way. Inuit woman made clothes from the skins of seals, caribou, bears, foxes and other animals. They scraped the skins clean with a knife called an ulu. Then the woman chewed on the skins to make them softer.
music and dances
The main instrument of the inuit ceremonies and dances was the one-side drum. Most drums were made from caribou skin or walrus stomach or bladder stretched over a wooden hoop.
society and family
Family groups were the most import social unit in the inuit culture. They usually lived in family groups of around 5-6 people.The inuit lived throughout most of the canadian arctic and subarctic in the territory of Nunavut "Nunavik" in the northern third of quebec "Nunatsiavut" and "Nunatukavut" in Labrador and in various parts of the northwest territories particularly around the arctic ocean.
other interesting facts
The dogs that pulled the dog sled called Siberian husky. The inuit lived in a smaller family groups with a real leader or chief, unlike other first people groups in Canada.
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