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Kelsey Noriega

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Career Paths
Fashion Design and Apparel Business Owner

Duties & Responsibilities
fashion design
Apparel Business Owner
Career Advancements
fashion design
Apparel Business Owner
Apparel Business Owner
Skills & Qualifications
Fashion Design
Personal Development
Additional Training
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Kelsey Noriega
To design and develop apparel
Conferring with sales and management
Determining prices for styles.
Marketing and Supervising
Directing and coordinating employees in design
technical designer
assistant designer
creative director
head fashion designer
Drawing/ Sewing/Computer skills
Sales and Marketing experience
Business planning skills
Timely management
Be able to meet deadlines
Trend forecasting
To attend a design school
To gain internship experience
To be an active learner
Operation analysis
Judgment and decision making
Time management
Going over the success and development of a fashion line
Always being prepared for the unexpected
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Working Conditions
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Professional Organizations
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Fashion Design
Apparel Business Owner
Work Cited
Fashion Designer Job Description including Abilities needed - Part 4. (n.d.). Retrieved November 29, 2014, from http://job-descriptions.careerplanner.com/Fashion-Designers-4.cfm
Managing employees
Planning for all aspects of store
Marketing/ Advertising/ Store Promotion upkeeping
Money Management
Accounting/Book keeping/Payroll
To Become a Fashion Designer
To have a chain of retail stores
To make a brand out of your designs to sell worldwide.
Become CEO of major apparel chain
A bachelor's degree in Business Management or Fashion Retailing/Merchandising/Marketing
MBA is a plus for business investors
In-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the fashion retail marketplace, including trends and forecasts
Selling a unique apparel product
Networking with fellow apparel business owners
Targeting a specific crowd
To develop knowledge in pattern making, fashion history, fashion merchandising, color, fabrics and textile
Sewing and tailoring, drawing for fashion design, computer-aided design
Work experience
Work experience with retail store
Knowledge of how a small business runs and becomes successful
Have basic knowledge of accounting and payroll
Fast paced environment
Being able to think quickly with change
Keeping up with current fashion trends
Hands on type of work
Having an organized layout of store that meets customer satisfaction
Social, upbeat, up to date look to store
Creating a safe positive work environment for employees
Long after hour dedication to keep up store look
Being able to call your work your own
Going to fashion shows
Meeting fellow fashion designers
Making your own hours
Being in charge of all aspects of store
Being able to create and sell your own product
Competitive industry
Constant climbing towards career path
Long hours of overtime work
Meeting unexpected deadlines to keep clientele
Long after hour dedication to store
May have to invest money to make money
Taking store risk could make or break your business
Fashion Design
To obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree in fashion design
Combining a fashion design program with a degree in an area like merchandising or business
Personal Characteristics/Skills - entrepreneurial and risk-taking personality
Solid business background in fields such as Marketing, Accounting, Sales and Management
Flexible; multi-tasking capabilities; excellent time management and communication skills.
Apparel Business Owner
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