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My family

No description

Genny Driggers

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of My family

Mi familia
My name's Bart
I'm the oldest son
I'm 10 years old
I'm smart and funny.
I like skating.
I don't like going to school
Her name's Lisa
She's my sister.
She's 8 years old.
She's intelligent and artistic.
She likes music.
She doesn't like eating meat.
Her name's Maggie
She's my youngest sister.
She's 1 year old.
She's active and blond.
She likes watching TV.
She doesn't like sleeping.
His name's Homer.
He's my father.
He's 40 years old
He is fat and ugly.
He likes eating.
He doesn't like working.
Her name's Marge.
She's my mother.
She's 35 years old.
She's pretty and active.
She likes cooking.
She doesn't like working out.

Patty y Selma
Their names are Patty and Selma.
They are my ants.
They are 50 years old.
They are fat and hardworking.
They like smoking.
They don't like children,

His name's Abraham.
He's my grandfather.
He's 80 years old.
He's lazy and old.
He likes sleeping.
He doesn't like the nursing home.

Her name'sMona.
She's my grandmother.
She's 70 years old.
She's intelligent and pretty.
She likes spying.
She doesn't like the police.
His name's Herbert.
He's my uncle.
He's 50 years old.
He likes working.
He doesn't like Homer.

Its name' Snowball
It's my cat.
It's 2 years old.
It's black and ugly.
It likes sleeping.
It doesn't like playing.
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