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Taylor Garbo

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Poland:

The Polish Flag
The Flag of Poland is based from the Polish Coat of Arms. It brings to view two horizontal stripes, one white and one red. The white represents peace and the red represents the blood that was shed during their fight for independence. The coat of arms also frequently appears on the flag.
Demographic/Cultural Information
Population: 38,383,809
Capital: Warsaw
Life Expectancy: 76.45 years
Males: 72.53 years
Females: 80.62 years
Literacy Rate: 99.7%
Males: 99.9%
Obesity Rate: 25.3%
Main Language(s):
Polish is spoken by 97.8% of the population and the remaining 2.2% is unspecified.

By: Taylor Garbowski
Major Urban Areas
Government Type:
Republic of Poland
(Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Economic Freedom Score
Poland is the 57th freest country in the world, according to the 2013 index from the Heritage Foundation.
More Economic Information:
Key Industries of the Economy:
Shipbuilding- This is an exceedingly successful industry in Poland with practically one thousand manufacturing companies that produce over six thousand boats and corresponding accessories every year. With their advanced facilities and equipment to aid in all processes of production this industry is truly thriving.
Coal Mining- This industry has historically been a large part of the economy and is utilized to provide over 90% of their electricity. Since the fall of communism there has been over-employment in this particular industry but that has increased the production.
Chemicals- This industry is flourishing immensely and is strong in the market (with agricultural chemicals providing many opportunities) . With future prospects looking even more prosperous, it is predicted to increase 25.1% by 2014 (since 2009).
Economic Information (
The GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) of Poland is $814.1 billion, which ranks them 22nd in the world. Their GDP per capita world ranking, at $20,900, is 68th. Poland's GDP growth rate is 2%, which is 139th worldwide.
Cultural Facts:
Poland holds the most titles for the "World's Strongest Man" competition. The individual with the most titles, Mariusz Pudzianowski, is also Polish (he won 5 titles).
The oldest restaurant in Europe is "Piwnica Swidnicka", located in Wrocław, Poland and in operation since 1275.

In Poland, bananas are peeled from the blossom end rather than by the end with the stem.

During the Holocaust, Nazi-occupied Poland was the only territory in which aiding Jews was punishable by death; 50,000 Poles were executed due to this decree. Yet, Poles represent the largest amount of people by ethnicity to rescue Jews, saving approximately 450,000 from imminent death. Poland has had 6,135 individuals awarded the title Righteous Among the Nations, which is a world record.
Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla, as he was also known) was the only Polish Pope and served the second longest. He was so popular among the Polish people that there is a TV channel in Poland completely dedicated to the Pope.
Polish Attractions
Bieszczady Mountains
Gdansk (Danzig)
Poland is located in central Europe.
The latitude and longitude are:
50 00 N, 21 00 E
Governmental Information
Warsaw is the largest urban area and the capital of Poland. Its population is 1.71 million. Krakow is Poland's original capital and has a population of 756,000- making it the second largest urban area in Poland. Lodz is Poland's third largest urban area with a population of 753,192.
The "Head of Government" of Poland is Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Due to the elections Poland holds, the Prime Minister won by popular vote and is thus looked upon favorably by the general public. Prime Minister Tusk was reelected in 2011(being the first party to have done so since the 1989 fall of communism), so his image is quite well regarded.
Poland as a country is more free than restricted, and their history leading up to the present shows that they are continually improving as well. Their overall score (66.0) is above the world average and are improving economic freedom for the fifth successive year. Poland has property rights, few non-tariff barriers, general equality among foreign and domestic investors, and an overall reduction in corruption. Poland has more inflexible labor regulations in comparison to other countries, some investments require government approval, and there can be unanticipated modifications of laws. Government spending in Poland has fallen and the overall tax burden is 31.8%; their taxes include income tax, corporate tax, value added tax (VAT), and property tax.
GDP Composition:
Household Consumption- 61.2%
Government Consumption- 17%
Investment in Fixed Capital- 19.3%
Investment in Inventories- 1.6%
Exports of Goods/Services- 46%
Imports of Goods/Services- -45.6%
Net Exports- 92.1%
Labor Force (by occupation):
Industry: 30.22%
Agriculture: 12.9%
Services: 57%
Unemployment Rate: 12.8%
Population below Poverty Line: 10.6%
Oswiecim (Auschwitz)
Masurian Lakes
Final Recommendation
I would strongly recommend to anyone and everyone looking to move to start over in Poland. The rich culture and historical geography is breathtaking, and the economy is improving every day. The government has become less restrictive in the past decades and the prospective future is looking up. Poland is an ideal destination and is a 10 on a scale of 1-10.
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This scenic lanscape is part of the Carpathian Mountain Range in southeast Poland; and it attracts many tourists with its natural beauty, hiking/biking trails, and renown natural park.
This maritime city boasts a historic past with WWII and beautiful Hanseatic architecture.
This historical site is widely known to be the most stringent of the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.
There are over four hundred lakes surrounded by large forest areas in this breathtaking part of northern Poland.
This UNESCO World Heritage site has stunning architecture with Renaissance age buildings that have made this one of the larger tourist attractions of Europe.
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