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No description

Shelby Fuller

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Xerox

Overview of Xerox Corporation
Overview of Xerox Case Study
What type of performance appraisal is central to the new system at Xerox? Which, if any, of the criteria for successful appraisal system does this new system have?
Are there any potential negative aspects of the new performance appraisal system?
How do you think management feels about the new performance appraisal system? Why?
Given the emphasis on employee development, what implications does this have for hiring and promotions?
Xerox is the leader in document technology and services.
World leader in business process and document management
Xerox has a range of products from printers, scanners, toner and ink, to business software
The recency error - which means that the manager evaluates the employee based on recent performance instead of the whole full year - can cause an employee to receive an inaccurate review that does not reflect the quality of the work they performed all year.
Allowing an employee to evaluate their own performance prior to their meeting with management can cause the employee to become upset if the manager's evaluation does not mirror their own.
The system type:

Methods used:
Management by Objectives (MBO)
Management is very satisfied with the new performance appraisal system.
Productivity Increase
Employee Satisfaction
Structure Oriented
Kadarrius Brannon, Shelby Fuller, Delia Hopkins, & Francisco Lopez
Human Resource Management

Mr. Stan Baker
Xerox Revamps Performance Appraisal System
Old System:
Only occurred once a year
Manager only assessed the accomplishments
Merit raises were practically given to everyone
Based on a numerical ratings system
Left employees somewhat confused about the process

New System:
Occurred three times a year
Manager & employees discussed accomplishments together
Absence of the numerical system
Set goals, objectives, and plans for the year
More discussion between the employee and manager
Merit raises and performance appraisals were separate meetings
Employees will be able to better themselves
When hiring management can explain how the employee development is to help the employee to be the best they can be
It will allow employees to set goals and objectives and set strategies to achieve those goals
Snell, Scott & Bohlander, George; Managing Human Resources (16th ed.), Cincinnati, OH: South-Western, 2013.
Xerox Investor Relations. (n.d.). retrieved March 08, 2016, from
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