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William Mckinley

No description

trisa william

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of William Mckinley

William Mckinley:
William was born on January29,1843 at Buffilo, New York.
Chief Diplomat:
He acted as chief diplomat in the negotation of the treaty and, as a moral leader, embarked in a tour of the West and South to rally popular opinion for his postwar policies.
Commander in Chief:
Mckinley's popularity had risen because of his image as the victorious commander in chief of the Spanish-American War.
Chief of State:
Secretary of state John Hay issued a second "Open Door" note in the midest of the Boxer Rebellion that warned America's expeditionary that the united states supported intervation only to rescue the diplomat, not to bring China under European and Japanese control.
Legislative Leader:
The quality of William Mckinley's leadership is a highly distputed historical question.
Video of William Mckinley:
William Mckinley Speech:
Chief Executive:
William who was controlled by his political cronies and who was pressuerd into war with Spain by the press.
About William Mckinley
Mckinley serve in office 4.5 years and was assassinated while president.
He was graduated Allegheny and went to Albany Law School and later on he became a Lawyer.
Mckinley difficult foreign policy decisions, especially his policy over China and his decision to go to war with Spain over Cuban Independance
He helped the U.S. enter the twentieth century as a new and powerful empire on the world stage.
Presidental commissions governed these new territories with little interference from congress.
William see foreign affaris section and because of the nation's general he had return to economic prosperity.
Mckinley is presistently been sterotyped as a weak president who had the backbone of a ''chocolate eclair,'' and historians have helped to fix the negative image.
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