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Leveling Up!

Using Business Basics & Sales Strategies to Maximize Job Development

Jackie Royer

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Leveling Up!

Striking the Right Tone
Elevator Pitch
Features vs. Benefits
UNDER Promise,
OVER Deliver
Doing Your Homework
Don't Forget to Close the Sale!!!
Leveling Up!
Using Business Basics & Sales Strategies to Maximize Job Development
Presented by:
Jackie Royer
The Employment Collaborative
of UCP Heartland
Tom Hutson
St. Louis Arc
Be able to explain WHO you are
and WHAT you do in no more than
30 seconds.
Use simple, clear language
Don't "bury the lead"
Give them a reason to listen
It's about THEM not about YOU
Let's give it a try!
It's not just about WHAT you say
but about HOW you say it:
Assume the "YES"
Focus on the positive
Avoid teaching or preaching
What is your face saying?
Listen to yourself
Monitor your speed
Get feedback... and USE it!
I'm employed!
Man in the Desert:
A Sales Tactic
Imagine that you stumble upon a man
lost in the desert. You want to help him.

What does he need?
Man in the Desert selling is ALL about
discovering and meeting needs.
Let's look at an actual product.
What are the features of this product?

What are the benefits of this product?

How are these different?
Which one should you "sell"?
The quickest way to ruin a relationship
with an employer is to promise something
you can't control or deliver.

When explaining services or selling a candidate's skills or abilities, the safest bet
is to always UNDER promise.

Everyone is happy when we exceed their
expectations by OVER delivering.
This will be different for every candidate,
company, agency, job, or situation.

Tailor the message!
Scheduling & Following Up
What do they do?
Who is the customer?
What are the Core Values?
What experience do they have with disability hiring?
Know your limits
Set reasonable expectations
Create a calendar & reminder system
Consider the business cycle
Say what you'll do, do what you said
What do you say at the end of a first meeting with an employer?
The "Hard Sell" vs. The "Ask"
In marketing, the most important step of any campaign is the "Call to Action".

This is where we tell the employer what we want them to do- carefully, clearly, and concretely.
What if the employer isn't ready to commit?
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