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World War II Leaders

Discusses leaders' rises to power and their impact on the outcome of WW2. Note not all leaders were discussed in this prezi, only a few were covered.

Maurie Zhang

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of World War II Leaders

World War II Leaders
Used every opportunity to gain followers
Aligned himself closely with Lenin
Got rid of people who were potential threats, by killing them, or by starving or killing them to death
Joseph Stalin's Rise to Power
- August 1939 USSR (Stalin) signed non-aggression pact with Germany (Hitler)
-Both sides tried to maintain the terms of the pact but then Germany attacked the USSR
-Stalin went on the offensive and pushed Nazi troops out of the USSR
-Fought the war decisively against Germany
Joseph Stalin's Impact on WW2
Hideki Tojo's Impact on WW2
Hitler’s nationalist ideals helped him gain support from Germans unhappy with the Treaty of Versailles
Founded the Nazi Party, which claimed that the Aryan race was superior
Wanted to make Germany the most powerful nation
Tried to rid Germany of the “un-fit”; exterminated 11 million people
Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power
Started WWII when he invaded Poland
Broke his pact with the Soviet Union when he invaded Russia
Once it was clear that Germany was losing, he killed himself and his wife
Adolf Hitler's Impact on WW2
Born into a rich family, was athletic, smart and outgoing
Elected Democratic Senator of New York
Suffered from polio
Was elected president in 1932
His social programs helped end the Great Depression
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Rise to Power
Tried to keep the U.S. out of war but sent supplies to the Allied Forces
Declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbor
Died in April 1945, less than a month before the end of the war
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Impact on WW2
...FDR was an avid stamp collector?
Did you know that...
Did you know that...
...when Hitler was young he wanted to be an artist?
...when Hitler
was young
he wanted to
be an artist?
Harry Truman's impact on WW2
Became pres. after the death of FDR
Gave the order for the atomic bombs to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Represented the United States at Potsdam, the last of the great war meetings
Did you know that......
.... the man the world knows as Stalin was really Losif Jughashvili? He got the name Stalin as a revolutionary.

Stalin is a combination of the Russian word for "steel" and the Russian word for "Lenin".
Stalin as a young man
Did you know that....
New York
son of a general
Did well in military school
served as a military attaché in Germany after WW1
July 1940- appointed as Japan's Minister for War
While he was still the minister for war he also became the Commander-in-Chief of the General Staff, home and foreign minister, and the Prime Minister for Japan
Hideki Tojo's Rise to Power
...after Japan's surrender, Tojo attempted suicide but failed?
Wanted to get Westerners out of Asia
Tojo and others felt that America was their main threat
Felt that confrontation with America was inevitable
After Japan invaded Vietnam FDR "froze" Japanese deposits in American banks
Authorized attack on Pearl Harbor
Had a terrific education
Worked his way up as a politician
Took place of Prime Minister when he resigned
Winston Churchill's Rise to Power
Continued German opposition even when the future of Britain looked dim
Warned Russia of German invasion
Met with other world leaders to discuss strategies
Winston Churchill's Impact on WW2
... that Churchill was known for his public speaking?
He suffered from a lisp
(Speech defect where "s" is pronounced "th")
Did you know...
... that during most of the war Charles was held captive by the Germans?

He attempted to escape 5 times
Yet failed each time
Did you know that...
Opposed Hitler
Took part in an Anti-Nazi underground movement
Fought with the Allies
Charles De Gaulle's Impact On WW2
French military hero
Gained power in parliament
Power led to his election as President of France
Charles De Gaulle's Rise to Power
Italian military hero
His followers the "Fascists" caused turmoil that threatened the king
Out of fear Mussolini was made Prime Minister

Benito Mussolini's Rise To Power
He admired Hitler
Supported the "Axis" side
Italians failed to beat Greece
Germans had to halt their attack on Russia to help the Italians
This hiccup is believed to have turned the War against Germany
Mussolini's Impact on WW2
Did you know that...
Did you know...
... that Truman never went to college?

He also had terrible eyesight his entire life.
He probably got a lot of gutter balls!
*Prezi created by Maurie Zhang
...Mussolini wrote romance novels while exiled in Sweden?
I really need a cigar



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#HistoryRules #MaurieZhangPrezi
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