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No description

Andrea Szyhowski

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Tiberius

Tiberius Claudius Nero He was born in Rome in 42 bc He is the son of the aristocrat Tiberius Cludius Nero and Livia Drusilla. His father had a republic beliefs so for this he had to leave Rome in order to flee from the second triumvirate when Tiberius was only two. When Tiberius was four his parents divorced. His mother then married Octavian, who later became Augustus. When Octavain adopted Tiberius he was reluctant to make him his successor and stated, "This I do for reasons of state." His father died when he was nine, and he was the only one to speak at his funeral. Tiberius had a strong fear of thunder. He utterly disliked gladiator games. He would not even pretend to like them in order to please the people of gain popularity with the commoners. Fears and dislikes Birth and early childhood Married and child They had a son whom they named Julius Caesar Drusus, his one and only son. His second marriage was when Agrippa died in 12 and Augustus forced Tiberius to divorce his wife and marry Agrippa's widow, Julia Caesaris. Who is also his step sister and mother-in-law. He didn't care to be married to her and they never had any children. He spent most of their marriage fighting wars and battles. Living with augustus Tiberius, although trained to be successor, was actually the fourth in line after Agrippa, Augustus's number one general and husband to his daughter Julia, and father to their sons Gaius and Lucius. Knowing this, Tiberius always felt out of place. When he was older he spent much of his time with his brother, Drusus, fighting many wars. Tiberius was married twice: first got married to his niece, Vipsania Agrippina in 20 bc. She was the daughter of Augustus's favorite General, Agrippa. The End of HIs line After the death of his nephew Germanicus (AD 19), whom he had obliged to adopt at the command of Augustus to the exclusion of his own son, he hoped to secure the succession for Drusus. A low intrigue was formed against this plan, in which the wife of Drusus, Livilla, who had illicit relations with Sejanus, took part. In the year 23 Drusus was poisoned by Sejanus and Livilla. As emperor Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus, the second emperor of Rome, was not the first choice of Augustus and was not popular with the Roman people. When he went itno self-imposed exile to the island of Capri and left the ruthless, ambitous Praetorian Perfect, L. Aelius Sejanus, in charge back at Rome, he sealed his everlasting fame. If that wasn't enough, Tiberius angered the sentors by invoking treason (maiestas) charges against his enemies. Family Connections/Genealogy Name of Father: Tiberius Nero Name of Mother: Livia Drusilla Married:
-Vipsania Agrippina
-Julia the Elder Chidren: Julius Caesar Drusus By 2 bc the unhappy marriage to Julia had broken down completely and she was exiled, supposedly for adultery, but very likely due to the dislike Tiberius felt for her. Part of him being adopted was that Tiberius was required to adopt his own 18 year old nephew Germanicus as heir and successor. He named his son after his brother, Nero Claudius Drusus. By:: Andrea Szyhowski and Ariel Blankenship Little could be found on his brother. But what was found reveals that he spent much time at war, and died that way. As all good stories go the ruthless Sejanus got what was coming to him. He was put to death.
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