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Population 5: Why do population structures vary between countries?

BGS GCSE Geography OCR B

Aidan Hesslewood

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Population 5: Why do population structures vary between countries?

Why do population structures vary between countries?
Understand the different factors that influence changes in population structure

Explain what influences the shape of a pyramid by connecting it to the DTM and basic ideas of economic development

Learning routes and
Construct Knowledge and demonstrate learning
Answer the title
Why do population structures
vary between countries?
*Use P.E.E
Consolidate and reflect
Activate Thinking
Activate Thinking
Activate Thinking
Activate Thinking
Activate Thinking
Population: 201,032,714
Birth Rate: 15
Death Rate: 6.5
Life Expectancy: 73
Infant Mortality Rate: 20
Urban Population: 87%
GDP per capita (PPP): $12,118
HDI: 0.730 (85)
Population: 84,734,000
Birth Rate: 31
Death Rate: 9
Life Expectancy: 60
Infant Mortality Rate: 77
Urban Population: 17%
GDP per capita (PPP): $1300
HDI: 0.396 (173)
Population: 10,461,053
Birth Rate: 23
Death Rate: 6
Life Expectancy: 68
Infant Mortality Rate: 40
Urban Population: 67%
GDP per capita (PPP): $5,099
HDI: 0.675 (108)
Population: 1,210,193,422
Birth Rate: 20
Death Rate: 7
Life Expectancy: 67
Infant Mortality Rate: 45
Urban Population: 31.3
GDP per capita (PPP): $3991
HDI: 0.554 (136)
Population: 126,659,683
Birth Rate: 8
Death Rate: 9
Life Expectancy: 84
Infant Mortality Rate: 2
Urban Population: 91.3
GDP per capita (PPP): $41, 150
HDI: 0.912 (10)
To do...

Fix uniforms
Stand behind desks
Equipment out
Ready to work
Books open on Progress Record
Complete the task when told
What does it mean to be a "developed country"?
Annotate your demographic transition model with the population pyramids
Define the following:
Infant Mortality Rate
Urban Population
GDP per capita
Explain what is influencing the population structure in each of the countries
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