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2015 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award List

No description

Sherri Malget

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of 2015 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award List

2015 Oklahoma Sequoyah
Book Award List
A Review of the Master List as a Prezi

SAILING TO FREEDOM- By Martha Bennett Stiles
LITTLE DOG, LOST - By Marion Dane Bauer
Which book will be your favorite?
Read at least 3 books from the Master List
Vote in February, 2015
SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET - Shelley Moore Thomas
CAPTURE THE FLAG by Kate Messner
BROTHERS AT BAT - By Audrey Vernick
ALEX THE PARROT - By Stephanie Spinner
HISS-S-S! - By Eric Kimmel
Omar convinces his parents to let him have a corn snake and while his mom is not too keen on the idea she agrees as long as she doesn’t have to see the snake.
Everything is going well until Arrow escapes and Omar has to capture him before his parents find out. However with a nosy little sister and watchful parents it’s not an easy secret to keep.
As Omar searches for Arrow he learns why his mom is so afraid of snakes in this multicultural tale of family and friends.
THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN - Katherine Applegate
When Daniel's class hatches chicks as a science fair project, Daniel begs his parents to let him adopt them.
Daniel’s parents finally give in, and then he finds out that his favorite bird, Peepers, isn’t a hen but a rooster, and therefore is illegal to keep in the city of Portland.
That is when the Secret Chicken Society is formed to help save Peepers. Find out how Daniel and the Secret Chicken Society work together to help save the chickens.
Kizzy Ann Stamps is an African American child living in the south in the early 1960’s. All she has ever known is segregation. She was used to whites only signs everywhere she went and even though she didn’t think it was always fair, it was what she knew and what she expected.
At the end of the school year, Kizzy Ann learns that integration has come to her town and in the fall when she starts back to school, her school that is all black children will be closed and all of the students will be transferred to the white school. Kizzy Ann is very nervous about this change. Her teacher, Miss Anderson, knows that Kizzy Ann loves to write, so she encourages Kizzy Ann to write letters over the summer to her new teacher to help with the transition into the new school. Kizzy Ann thinks this is a good idea and can’t wait to get started.
Writing letters becomes a way for Kizzy Ann to express concerns about life, about her older brother and his behavior, her best friend Shag, who is the smartest Border Collie in the county, and about how she got the scar on her face and how looking different has affected her.
Read the heart- warming novel Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri Watts to find out more about the adventures that Kizzy Ann experiences that summer and fall of 1964, how she gets used to going to school with white teachers and students, and how Shag helps her make new friends.
Prezi Created by:
Sherri Malget
Library Media Specialist
Hawthorne Elementary
Nick was going to be a baseball star; everyone who had seen him play always talked about his golden arm. Then, Nick is stricken with polio, a disease that killed thousands of people in the 1930’s.
Nick is in the hospital for almost a year and when he finally gets out of the hospital he doesn’t know how to go back to being a regular kid. He also doesn’t know how he’s ever going to play baseball again with an iron brace on his leg.
When he gets back home he doesn’t know what to do with himself and he wonders if it will ever be possible for him to play baseball again.
Then one day he meets Satchel Paige, who is also a star baseball player but has adversities of his own to overcome – the color of his skin. Black baseball players in the 1930’s were not given the same opportunities as white baseball players.
Read King of the Mound: My Summer with Satchel Paige by Wes Tooke and find out what these two unlikely baseball players have in common and how they encourage each other to never give up.
The One and Only Ivan - Katherine Applegate
Little Dog Lost - Marion Dane Bauer
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe - Lutricia Clifton
Secret Chicken Society - Judy Cox
Double Dog Dare - Lisa Graff
Adventures of Beanboy - Lisa Harkrader
Hiss-s-s - Eric A. Kimmell
Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy - Nikki Loftin
Capture the Flag - Kate Messner
Alex the Parrot - Stephanie Spinner
Sailing to Freedom - Martha Bennett Stiles
Seven Tales of Trinket - Shelley Moore Thomas
King of the Mound - Wes Tooke
Brothers at Bat - Audrey Vernick
Kizzy Ann Stamps - Jeri Watts
Irene Pepperberg walks into a pet store and buys an African grey parrot for her Avian Learning Experiment.
A - Avian
L - Learning
EX – Experiments
Alex the parrot surprises everyone with his ability to learn simple and complex concepts.
**The following is a video about ALEX.
Twelve-year-old Ray discovers a secret on board his uncle’s schooner in the early 1800’s. While trying to keep his pet monkey out of trouble, Ray must decide whether or not to help keep the secret of transporting a fugitive slave who just happens to be a baby to the free north.
Written in verse, Little Dog, Lost is a story of a boy, a dog and a small town in need of a dog park. It is also a story of loss, heartbreak, determination and love between people and animals.
Seventh grader Tucker McBean loves comic books. When a contest to create a new sidekick is announced, Tucker aims to win it with his creation of Beanboy, in order to make life for his struggling family easier.
Frankie Joe is a twelve-year-old boy who has been uprooted from his home in Texas and taken to his with his father in Illinois where he has to learn to be part of a family and where he learns to use his strong work ethic to start a small, but successful business.
Lorelei Robinson is an eleven year-old girl whose life has been turned upside down by her mother’s passing, her father’s new marriage, and the arrival of a new school in the neighborhood where the teachers don’t seem to care much about homework or learning, just that
the students eat as much as possible.
Eleven-year-old Trinket and her friend Thomas the Pig Boy leave home after Trinket’s mother dies, following a hand-drawn map to search for Trinket’s father, a bard who left home on a trip long ago and never returned. Along the way they encounter selkies, banshees, faeries and more while building courage and developing the stories Trinket needs to become a bard herself.
Stranded in a Washington D.C. airport, Anna, Jose, and Henry try and uncover the mystery of who has stolen the original Star Spangled Banner.
Ivan, a silverback gorilla who resides in a rundown mall circus, finds a way, through his painting, to provide a better home at a large zoo for he and his animal friends.
Francine and Kansas find themselves in a dare war. The winner will be the news anchor for the Media Club at Auden Elementary.
Boy against girl, enemies at first, but they have more in common than just the dares.
The Acerra brothers were the longest playing all-brother
baseball team ever, hitting homers, overcoming game changing injuries, fighting in World War II, playing in the minor leagues; these brothers did it all, together.
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Which book will be your favorite?
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