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Corinthian War

No description

Emily George

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Corinthian War

Corinthian War Who were the leaders? Epaminondas was the Greek general of Thebes. He died in the Battle at Mantinea and was replaced by Pelopidas. Agesilaus II was the leader of the Spartans during the Corinthian War. Who won? How? Corinth, Argos, Thebes, and Athens formed an alliance and eventually defeated Sparta at Leuctra in 371 B.C. After the Peloponnesian War, Sparta had control over much of the peninsula, anf the result of the Corinthian War was the city-states regaining their independence. The group of allies that these city-states formed were referred to as the Boeotians. It is estimated that they were outnumbered at this final battle, but still manages to conquer the Spartans. The Boetians made it a point during battle to attack the strongest of of soldiers. 395 B.C. - 386 B.C. Courtesy: Google Images Courtesy: Google Images Aftermath: The Boetians withdrew and all the city-states regained their independence. alliances Who fought? Sparta, Peloponnesian forces, Thebes, Corinth, former Spartan allies, Athens, Argos, and Persia all fought in the Corinthian War. Sparta Peloponnesians Thebes
Spartan allies
Argos Persia Persia Persian Strategies Persia helped with fleet-building on the Athenian side but once they gained power they switched sides. After the Persians switched sides and the collapse of the coalition, plus loss of Athenian empire occurred Sparta took over power. Persia then stuck with the Spartans til the end of the war The Peace of Antalcidas was signed and all cities were to be independent, Thebes disbanded, and the war was over. Battles Battle of Nemea: The Spartans won this battle with a decisive victory and the coalition army lost 2,800 men and the Spartans with their allies only lost 1,100 men. Battle of Cnidus: The coalition army won this battle once they simply overwhelmed the Spartans, led by Peisander, with the amount of ships in the coalitions fleet which was led by Athenian admiral Conon. Battle of Coronea: The Spartans won this battle led by Agesilaus. They won with a blitz attack on the Thebans when they were on their way back to camp and a very small amount of men slipped away to rejoin their allies.
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