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Network Design Project

Our approach to the solution for the proposed problem, and the full explanation of its content.

wences guerra

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Network Design Project

Julián Restrepo
Francisco López
Wenceslao Guerra It's Simple! Our network solution relies on simplicity while providing an optimal performance and allowing the accomplishment of the goals set. Why Keeping it simple? Let's discuss some advantages! Justification Stating the Not-so-obvious Less Time Consumption User Friendly Stating the obvious Less Cost (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr It's not about inexpensiveness, it's about what works for you, it's about providing the right solution and the possibility of growth while considering the economic limitations.
We're all in recession, right? Again, it's not mediocrity. It's not simplistic, but simple. Practical solutions ain't easy to find! Main Advantages It goes hand in hand with "User-friendlyness". As long as you understand it, there's no need to spend days or even hours reading off a manual, trying to figure out what's going on in your network. You'll get it right away, hopefully. Other (Equally important) Advantages What everybody talks about... Environmentally friendly The right amount of equipment, ergo, the right amount of energy consumption.
Environmentally friendly equipment along with GREEN IT policies. it's green, so it should be good. Saving the best for last... Reliability Usage of equipment from a well known brand in Networking Business
Troubleshooting provided through the brand's Assistance Center
Warranty based upon the brand's specifications, as well as the warranty we provide as candidates to said project
Accompaniment in solving any issue the network could present for the amount of time to agree. The project in its main stages Design: Design, organization and evaluation of the network and the purchase of the equipment to use. Instalation: After the arrival of said equipment (initially through DHL or UPS, depending on the availability of the chosen product) we proceed to install the network Configuration and troubleshooting: The whole process of making your network work as you intend it to (routing, IP assignment and such) Blueprint and Simulation Is the simulation reliable? Why, yes. Since we intend to use equipment from the same brand that provides the simulation software, and said equipment runs in the same OS, we can assure the blueprint will work as good as it does in the simulation, if its montage is done right. Let's see the Simulation! Enough of technical bahooey! Costs SNetting means top of the line solutions. Did we mention "simple"? Any further questions? Thank you for your time!
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