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The Illuminati

No description

Nidarius Welborn

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of The Illuminati

The Illuminati

By: Nidarius Welborn

The Illuminati or the Bavarian Society was established back in the 18th century.
Long ago, the Bavarian Society opposed the views of the Roman Catholic Church.
Mr. Adam Weishaupt is the founder of the Bavarian Society or the Illuminati.
The Illuminati today is mainly about ruling the world and the establishment of New World Order (NWO).
The Illuminati see themselves as the greatest force on the earth, and believe that the power and fame were given to them by their "God".
New World Order: Evidence 1
New World Order is the motive of the Illuminati taking over the world and its government. The Illuminati's main focuses are to:
Run the world's government and its money; by "destroying the dollar"
And also enslave the human race
There is a plethora amount of sources that include the Illuminati's concept of NWO
Martial Law is comprised into NWO and assists the Illuminati to enforce their authority
Martial Law is the act of the military forcing individuals to follow someone's laws

9/11 Incident Information
One of the Illuminati's members, had leaked information about the 9/11 incident.
He claimed that the Illuminati was not involved, yet known that George. W Bush wanted it to happen to have an excuse to move on the rich oil in Iraq
There is not enough info to prove that this was an "inside job", yet it was enough video and written evidence to prove that Osama Bin Laden had planned it and successfully performed it.
The Puppets and Symbols
The Puppets of the Illuminati are the same famous celebrities that we all know and love. Such as: Obama, Jay Z, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Willow Smith, Rihanna, Paul Walker, and Queen Elizabeth
These individuals are the ones our kids look up to and want to impersonate in life.
There are a plethora of symbols to go with the existence of the Illuminati.
Taco Bell Eye or 6's on the Taco Bell Sign
The All-Seeing Eye on the Dollar bill
Satanic Symbols
More Knowledge:
The Illuminati wants to enslave the human race and also gain all the money in the world.
We as slaves, will work for the Illuminati; yet will not earn a single dollar or dime.
The general process to gaining membership into the Illuminati is to sacrifice someone, and give your soul to Satan.
Anyone will be assassinated if they try to extract themselves or share information about the Illuminati
Ex: Michael Jackson and Tupac
Legit or Fictitious? Opinion

The Illuminati is real, and is not fiction. The Illuminati has an abundance of info that we as a nation are clueless about. Also, the evidence is relevant to how our world is destructive and unorganized today.
Can you explain how they seem to know more about our government than we do ? Also how they can say that they can rule the world?

My opinion on the Illuminati is that they are exact real. All of the significant evidence can tell you that they are real; maybe not to some people, yet after this info i know i have changed your presumption on the Illuminati

Opposition of Illuminati
Although I and other individuals believe in the Illuminati; its a great deal of people that do not believe in their existence.
Individuals believe that the Illuminati can not achieve any of their goals that they have expressed.
Researchers believe that Lucifer can not influence others to rule the world, because only God can allow people to take authority positions.
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