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Einstein and the atomic bomb

No description

Noémie Auriol

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Einstein and the atomic bomb

march, 14th 1879
Atomic bomb
World War II
The consequences
Einstein and the atomic bomb
april, 18th 1955
physicist theorist
Etablish an equivalence between the matter and the energy of a system.
Bomb A: nuclear fission
Bomb H: nuclear fusion
It's a
Thermal radiation:
burns, asphyxia, fire, internal lesions, wounds (projection of frangments).
immediate irradiation, radioactive fallout, an acute radiation syndrome, cancers
Hiroshima, 1945
Hiroshima, august 6th 1945
Nagasaki, august 9th 1945
Atomic bomb
World War II
Atomic bomb
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