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Melanie Barron

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Iceman

A Stone Age Unsolved Mystery
The Iceman
In 1991, a body of a man was found by two hikers in the Otztal Alps (mountains) in Italy.
Scientists have given him the name "Otzi" because of the place he was found.
This is where Otzi was found
Scientists have used the clues found with his body to TRY and answer the questions about how he died, his culture and why he was hiking in the mountains.
What clues do you see?
What clues do you see?
1. Stone knife
2. Animal skin clothing
3. Bow and Arrows
4. Cooper Ax
5. Tattoos on his body
6. An arrowhead found in his back
7. Grass cape
8. Grass stuff inside his shoes
The tattoos are a mystery, but they think that they could possibly mean that Otzi believed in some type of religion, was part of a tribe or they were possibly scars from a type of medical treatment.
It was initially believed that Ötzi died from exposure during a winter storm. Later it was speculated that Ötzi may have been a victim of murder. In 2001 X-rays and a CT scan revealed that Ötzi had an arrowhead lodged in his left shoulder when he died, and a matching small tear on his coat. A close examination of the body found bruises and cuts to the hands, wrists and chest and cerebral trauma indicative of a blow to the head. Currently it is believed that death was caused by a blow to the head, though researchers are unsure if this was due to a fall, or from being struck with a rock by another person.
What can you infer about the arrow in his back?
Some people think that he was possibly:

1. Robbed for his sheep that he was herding through the mountains
2. Killed in a battle
3. Assassinated for being a chief or leader of his tribe.
Why is Otzi important?
Otzi is one of the oldest human mummified bodies found in the ice in such good condition.
His body, his clothing and weapons were all so well preserved that they were able to tell us many things about the Stone Age.
We know that he wore animal skins as clothing and had stone and metal tools.
His body and artifacts have all been clues to the past!
You are now a reporter for a newspaper and you have been assigned the FRONT cover story! Your boss wants you to cover the breaking news of the Iceman being discovered. These are the things you will need on your front page...
1. Newspaper Title (Iceman Time, Ice Age News)
2. Headline (Tell readers what they will read about)
3. Profile/mug shot picture of Otzi
4. The story about his discovery and what you think happened to him
5. Make up a quote that the people who found his body may have said to reporters
6. A picture of either how Otzi dead or when he was found
Attention Attention Read all about it!!
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