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Library Presentation

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Joy Silva

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Library Presentation

Use your quiet voice.
FS/KS1 Library

KS2/KS3 Library

Preschool Library Since 2008
Libraries are opened from 7.15 Am
to 4.00 Pm
Library Users have access to:
a) General collection
b) Reference books
c) Documentaries
d) Videos
e) Newspapers and magazines
f) Bookbanks: Spanish and English
Food and drinks are not allowed in the library media center.
The library is a place where students and staff can come to read, find information for research projects and pursue other quiet learning activities.
The students may also talk in the library as longs as it is in a whisper and is necessary for a project that they are researching. Social chitchat is not allowed and if they are overheard we will ask them to stop. If they continue they will be asked to leave. We expect teachers and assistants to support us by encouraging students to display appropriate behavior in the library.
We have programmed a weekly visit to the library with your students.
* Children from Nursery to Year 6, come to the libraries each week to change their reading record books and to find new titles or to renew their loans. Please do not leave your children unattended, they must be in company of their teacher or their assistant.
Be courteous to each other.
The duration of the loans has been determined as follows:
Book bank: All year.
Reading plan: Up to the teacher according to the
reading scheme.
General collection: From 7 days to 15 days.
ORT and Colour Books: From 7 days to 15 days.
Your students books will only be changed whenever they return their previous loans.
* If you need an extra session with your students in the library, time table a visit. And if you find another year class in the library at the time of your visit, please remember that it has priority the year group that has been scheduled for "the weekly visit'' to the library. Be patient.
Please help us to avoid material from
getting stuck in one classroom!
The person responsible for the materials is the one who registers out the items with their own school ID. Books
be returned in the LIBRARY and make sure that your librarian has checked in all the items. Please do not send children to collect your books or to return them.
Ask your librarian for help if you can´t find what you want.
Treat books and other materials with care.
Please do not remove any material without notifying your librarian.
If you have recommended titles or a wish list please let us know, we will try to please you.
Losses and damages:
If a book has been damaged please do not attempt to repair it yourself, instead return the item(s) to the library.
Minor repairs will be performed as needed, however, patrons who have damaged item(s) beyond repair will be expected to pay the replacement cost of the item(s). It is up to the librarian's discretion to receive the damaged material or not .
Lost materials are charged the cost of replacing the item(s) or lost books can be replaced with the same title, or a similar title with the permission of your librarian.
And finally... please leave the library in the same condition as it was when you entered.
We hope you enjoy your time at the CGB!!
Thank you.
To keep the library organized, we have created an easy system that will help your children to remember the original location of the books. As soon as children enter the library they are provided with wooden rulers. Children are supposed to leave the rulers in replacement for the shelved book. Once they decide about the book they want, they must return the rulers to the librarian.
In case your students need to do further research we have agreements with two of the largest National Libraries: The Luis Angel Arango and The Javeriana University Library. To search the titles you may need you can access their web pages:
* http://www.banrepcultural.org/blaavirtual/indice
* http://www.javeriana.edu.co/biblos/inicio/inicio.htm
It takes from 3 days up to 5 days for the books to arrive. You can use them for a maximum term of 5 days.
You must contact your librarian to begin the process of the request.
Children from FS, KS1 and KS2 must remove their shoes before entering the library. There is a special case for them at the entrance.
If you don´t remember where the book you took from the shelve was, please deposit it into the HAMPER BOOKS or handle it to your librarian.
Your students will be given their text books at the beginning of the school year, they will all be provided with one book of each subject. Every book is labeled with its own bar code number and related directly to the patron who is checking it out. Students must return the same bar coded book at the end of the year. If any of the bar codes are removed from the book, the
patron who is returning the item will have to assume the cost of it, regardless of the fact that the book is actually being returned. This measure has been taken to avoid students from trying to replace their lost items with their peers. If the student leaves any of the books at home, the library won't give them a replacement book not even for a day.
We strongly need your support!
*Library Rules...
The main library has one only access. The other door is reserved exclusively to staff library members.
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