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The New Jersey Colony

No description

Joseph Auber

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The New Jersey Colony

The New Jersey Colony By Joe Auber Well known People In The New Jersey Colony What year was this colony founded??? Climate Chart Colonist Relationships Clara Barton She is known to be the founder of the American Red Cross. She became a
nurse to help wounded soldiers in the
Civil War. New Jersey was originally part of the land grant of New York that the king of England Charles the second gave to his brother in 1664. James the Duke of York gave New Jersey to two political friends in 1674. These friends were John Berkeley and George Carteret, it was Carteret who named New Jersey. The Puritans fought with other religious groups
to clam that there religion was the only
"right one."

Colonist moved Indians west, out of there
home land. Who is the founders of the New Jersey Colony?

What year was it found? Questions for the class It's The Place To Be Strengths Strengths and Weaknesses Weaknesses The colony was good
for farming and hunting. Occasionally there was
conflict between natives
and settlers. Low public crime Aloud slaves until 1744
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