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The Horned Toad Prince

Reading Street 4.1.4

Amelia Baez

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Horned Toad Prince

By Jackie Mims Hopkins
Illustrated by Michael Austin The Horned Toad Prince Genre Modern Fairy Tale Fairy tale set in modern times
Magical characters
A fantasy How is a modern fairy tale different from a traditional fairy tale? Preview the Story Who do you think the story will be about? Where is the setting of our story? What are some things we know about a prairie? A Horned Toad Page 94 Vocabulary twang sagebrush entertained amused tumbleweed cartwheeling pastime cacti critter Prairie- a grassy plain with few trees Lassoed- caught with a rope, roped Why did the author describe how Reba Jo liked to spend her time? What helps you to understand that the setting is a desert? Page 95 Vocabulary blustery spied arroyos vulture gully sassy swift Riverbed-channel that a river flows through Why did Reba Jo's daddy tell her to stay away from the river bed? Why did Reba Jo want to star near the riverbed? The author writes "a prairie storm could blow in quicker than a rattlesnake's strike."
What is the author trying to tell you?
Why do you think she uses these words? How would you describe Reba Jo? Why do you think Jackie Mims Hopkins wrote this story? How can you tell? Page 96 Vocabulary scrambled commenced peered Who do you think is talking to Reba Jo? How did Reba Jo's hat end up in the well? What did Reba Jo do after her hat fell off? Page 97 What does she mean by "peck of trouble"? What happened just before the horned toad spoke to Reba Jo? What is one clue that this story is fantasy? What do you think will happen next? Page 98 Vocabulary slyly siesta fetched amigo sombrero padre splintered retrieved What offer does the horned toad make to Reba Jo? Why did Reba Jo agree to do 3 favors for the horned toad? Favor-an act of kindness What does tres pequenos mean? What is a siesta? Page 99 Vocabulary ignored galloped What do you think is going to happen next? Think about deals you have made with others. Does Reba Jo act the way you act when you make a bargain? What is the main conflict at this point in the story? Vocabulary parts bulging pardner muttered How do you think the horned toad feels? What kind of person is Reba Jo's father?
How can you tell? Bargain-an agreement, deal Find a synonym for bargain on page 101. Why does Reba Jo give her chili to the horned toad? Pages 100 & 101 Vocabulary belted lullaby drowsy What was the last favor the horned toad asked of Reba Jo? Why do you think the author writes, "you know dang well a kiss won't part of this deal, you low-life reptile" instead of "No, I won't give you a kiss"? Shrieked-a high pitched scream What is the author's purpose for writing this part of the story? Pages 102 & 103 suspiciously considerin' Page 104 Vocabulary fierce dizzy whirlwind Why did the toad speak Spanish in the story? What is a caballero? How can you tell? amazement Page 96 Vocabulary offended hitched recollect When was the prince turned into a horned toad? What is the most important lesson that Reba Jo learns? Why did the prince probably leave Reba Jo so suddenly? How has Reba Jo's attitude toward the horned toad changed? Why did the author write this story? What fairy tale does this remind you of? Compare the modern fairy tale to the traditional. Rising Action Conflict Resolution Reba Jo goes to the arroyo. The wind blows her hat into a well. A horned toad offers to help. She accepts his deal. She will give him three favors in exchange for his help. He helps her, but she runs away. The toad shows up at her house and tells her father. Her father makes her honor her bargain. She gives him chilli and plays him a song. He says he will accept a kiss instead of taking a nap in her hat. The frog turns into a prince. She kisses the frog. Reba Jo is amazed and asks for an explanation. He explains that he offended the spirit of the arroyo and was turned into a prince. Reba Jo asks if they are going to get married. He says no, a deal is a deal.
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