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Bouncy ball lab report.

No description

justis novak

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Bouncy ball lab report.

Bouncy ball lab report.
Introduction and research
In this lab I made 2 malleable like bouncy balls from a few simple ingridients and instructions to make it. The first ball made didn't bounce at all, but the second one did.
Purpose and problem
One of the purposes also for making this bouncy ball is maybe to see how high it would bounce. One of my problems was how could I make it bounce higher? The answer, a little more cornstarch and a little less glue with more accuracy on the measurements.
Material gathering
some of the things you will need for this project are borax, cornstarch, glue, two paper cups, hot water and food coloring(optional).
Instructorial procedures
To start off your project, you must label one paper cup "borax solution" and the other one "ball mixture". Next, pour 2 tbs. of hot water and 1/2 a tsp. of borax powder into the borax solution cup. Now stir this mix to dissolve borax and add a few drops of food coloring(optional).
(tbs means tablespoon,tsp means teaspoon)
Instructorial procedures (continued)
Now you pour 1 tbs of glue into the ball mixture cup. After this you want to add 1/2 a tsp. of your newly made borax solution to your ball mixture cup and 1 tbs. of cornstarch as well. Now don't mix this concotion together but let it combine for at least 15 seconds then stir, when you can't stir, mold it into a ball shape.
End of introductrial procedures
When you make the ball it will be gross and sticky but as you go along the ball will solidify. When the ball is firm, try bouncing the ball. Give it a test bounce! After this, you are to clean up your work area and wash your hands.
Data with results
The results of this are that the bouncy ball did bounce when the measurements are correct and the ball bounced 6 cm in height on average from a 2ft. height. The ball bounced no higher from a taller distance in height. Ball 1- blue, Ball 2- green.
The reason(s) that the bouncy ball bounced at the least was because in a second experiment, doing the measurements accuratley and the reason the first experiment didn't work is because the measurments weren't accurate. I accept this because the 2nd experiment worked when I followed accurate measurements.
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