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Christine Tohme

No description

Omar AlObaidly

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Christine Tohme

Christine Tohme
100 most powerful people in the art world
Date, Location of Birth and Nationality
Born on February 28, 1964
in Beirut
-Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in 1987 at the American University of Beirut
-Master's degree in Contemporary Art Theory at the Goldsmiths College in London
Art Relation
- Founding director of the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts "Ashkal Alwan"
Ashkal Alwan
Non-profit organization that initiates and supports artistic since 1994.

2011, Beirut Art Center.
-Home Works: A Forum of Cultural Practices
-Video Works
-Screening platform, supporting the development
-Home Workspace Program, study programe founded

Sharjah Art Foundation President and Director Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi
“We are
to have this opportunity
to work with Christine Tohmé
, whose
substantial contributions to the
development and direction of the cultural
landscape of
the Middle East
have been recognized both regionally and internationally. She has been
close colleague for many years
, participating as a speaker in numerous Sharjah Art
March Meetings
and acting as
jury member for the Sharjah Biennial Prize in
. With her deep knowledge and understanding of the region’s art and artists, we
are confident that she will bring a compelling vision and perspective to the next Biennial
in 2017.”
On being selected,
Tohmé adds
, “The
Sharjah Art Foundation has become a strong and
thoughtful voice in
a conversation about contemporary
that is taking place not only
the region but internationally
as well. The projects the foundation has produced
since its inception are now important points of reference in a dialogue among artists and
peers all over the world.
I am excited to be part of this history, and I look forward to
expanding the conversation in 2017
Why Christine ?
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