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Non-Fiction Reference Materials

Reference Materials by Bedford Highschool July 08, 2009

Jen Milne-Carroll

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Non-Fiction Reference Materials

Non-Fiction Reference Materials

What we use to
find information
What is an

A reference book containing
their meanings.

You can use a dictionary to check a word's spelling, pronounciation, number of syllables, part of speech, word origin, and definition.
Types of Specialized Dictionaries

Biographical Dictionary
Geographical Dictionary
Foreign Language Dictionary
Sports Dictionary
Music Dictionary
and many more!
Biographical dictionaries
are used to find information about famous people
they usually contain brief facts about the person’s life such as: birth date, major accomplishments, and events that have made the person famous
Geographical Dictionaries
contain basic information about places such as location, population, and famous landmarks.
may contain a few maps
useful for finding out the pronunciation and basic location of geographical locations.
What is a Thesaurus
A book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms

is used to find words that mean the same or opposite as another word.

They are simple to use - just look up your word and a thesaurus will give you the list of synonyms and antonyms for that word.
What is an Encyclopedia
A reference book containing many short articles on numerous subjects
Most of them come in volume sets arranged in alphabetical order

is used to find information about a person, place, or thing.
is a book of maps.

are used to find specific locations such as: country, state, city or geographic formation.
What is an Almanac
is a book of facts that provide brief, useful and interesting information relating to countries of the world, sports, entertainment, etc.

They are updated every year so they always contain the most current information available.
The next few slides describes different situations. You must decide what type of reference material would be the BEST and FASTEST way to find the information.
Challenge Questions!
Challenge Question One •

Your family is going on vacation to see the Mayan ruins in Mexico. You want to find more information about the ancient civilization. • Where would you find this type of information?

Great Job!!!

Challenge Question
Your family is planning a vacation to Florida. You are going to Walt Disney World! Your father is trying to decide what interstate he needs to take to get there. What reference material should he use to find this information?

Great Work!!!!

Challenge Question Three

You want to find out which NFL player had the most touchdowns in 2011. • Which reference material would you use?


Challenge Question Four •
You are writing an essay on The Giver. You want to find another word to use instead of saying "great." What reference material would you use to find another word for "great"?


Wonderful Job!!!!
Challenge Question Five •
Jane is beginning to write an essay in Sophomore English. She is trying to find the birthdate of Ernest Hemingway. • What reference material would she use to quickly find this information?
Biographical Dictionary

Fantastic Job!!!!
Three main types of atlases:

General atlases
contain maps showing the physical and political features of individual countries or groups of countries throughout the world.
may contain maps on a wide variety of topics such as climate, population, economic activities, and environment.

Subject atlases
are about a specific area of study such as
•astronomical maps or photographs of stars.
•geographical maps showing changes or activities over time, such as borders, military campaigns, exploration, and cultural differences.
•topographic maps showing the physical terrain of an area.

Road atlases
contain maps that show major highways and secondary roads for geographical areas.

Challenge Question

Your teacher has given you a list of various types of landforms to define. What reference material should you use to find this information?

Geographical Dictionary

Good job!!!
Reliable online atlases:

Use an atlas if you need to find:
climate information
population information
geographical information

Atlases may contain charts, tables, statistics, photographs,
and illustrations in addition to actual maps.
http://maps.nationalgeographic.com/maps/map-machine.html#s=r&c=43.74999999999998, -99.71000000000001&z=4
Reference Materials
Reference Sources
Challenge Question

You are taking a trip to Rome, Italy, and you would like to travel to Paris, France, from there. What reference source would you use to find the distance between the two cities?

Great Work!!!!

Great Work!!!!
F.Y.I. these coordinates
are for St. Martinville, Louisiana!!
Challenge Question Six

A meteorologist states that a category 4 hurricane is expected to make landfall at the following coordinates:
30.1929133 N , 91.7928402 W

What reference resource should you use to find out if you are in danger?
Unabridged Dictionary...20 volumes!
Is this the dictionary
that you use?

This is an unabridged
dictionary. It
is over 9 1/2 inches wide!!
What is a dictionary?
non-fiction toolbox
glossary-an alphabetical listing of difficult words and definitions usually at end of book
table of contents-usually found near beginning of reference book and shows the way a book is divided
index-an alphabetical listing of words or topics in a book, similar to a table of contents but found at the end of a book
*Most beneficial part of a reference book
appendix-a section that is found near the end containing charts, maps, graphs, diagrams, tables, and important documents referenced in the book
I can select appropriate
reference resources to find information efficiently.

I can use non-fiction
text features such as
index and table of
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