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AirBnB Business Model Canvas

No description

Hotel Olten

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of AirBnB Business Model Canvas

Andreas Hefti
Yanick Steiner
Nicolas Lögler
Darko Bosnjak

Digital Media 9th December 2014

Prof André Niedermann
Herr Martin Waldau

Table of Contents
airbnb in numbers

Customers Segment
Value Proposition
Customer Relationship
Revenue Streams
Key Resources
Key Activities

Key Partners

Cost Structure
airbnb in numbers
Revenue Streams & Key Resources
For what value is each Customer Segment truly willing to pay?
1. Commission from renters
2. Commission from the home owners.
3% host service fee
guest fee ranges from 6-12%
Key Resources
"the Key Resources Building Block describes
the most important assets required to make a business model work"

With technical, designer and photographs airbnb was able to build a unique, easy-to-use website, internationally understandable
well-networked founders who have managed to get most of the best known funds in Silicon Valley to invest!
Due to high valuation easy to attract some of the very best technical and design talent in the valley, competing with the likes of Google and Facebook
Platform for demand and supply
Key Activities

• - Platform development and maintenance

• - Video and photography

• - Community engagement

• - Marketing

Key Partners

• - Tourism ministries

• - Photographers

• - Main investors

Cost Structure
800,000 listings
33,000 cities
192 countries
Founded 2008
Airbnb valued at $13B
An organization serves one or several customer segments. These are the people or organizations for which you are creating value. This includes simple users and paying customers.

Customer Segments
Multi-sided market

Host - people with rooms to rent

Guests - people who are
looking to rent rooms

Customer Segments
“Belong anywhere” travel and feel at home

Unique and authentic cultural and social experience

Secure Platform

Host insurance guarantee

Create appealing announcements and make profits out of extra spaces.

Value Proposition
- Website & App, Social Media
- Public Relation
- Word-of-mouth

Customer Relationship
- Trust
- Community Feeling
- Online & Offline Community Events

shared rooms
private rooms
entire place
Past: Travelvers on a budget
Present: Leisure and Buisness
Future: Luxury Travelers
Value Proposition
The Value Propositions Building Block describes the bundle of products and services that create value for a specific Customer Segment.
next big step: dynamic pricing
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