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Planet Of The Exponents

No description

Katherine Narciso

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Planet Of The Exponents

Exponent Planet
Adding & Subtracting: follow the order of operations.
Multiplying: if the base is the same, add the exponents then multiply.
Dividing: if the base is the same, subtract the exponents then divide.
Don't Break Rules.
If you break the rules you will have to stay imprisoned for three nights with the ugly and mean President Alien. While you are imprisoned you will have to do math 24/7 without sleeping.
Be Careful.
For the product rule, add the exponents if the bases are the same. DO NOT MULTIPLY THEM!
For the quotient rule, subtract the exponents if the bases are the same. DO NOT DIVIDE THEM!
Negative Exponents: if the base and exponent are not zero, rewrite it as a fraction and the base now has a positive exponent. Make sure the negtive exponent is the denominator.
Zero Exponent: Any base the has a zero exponent equals 1.
Scientific Notation
-Scientific Notation always has a coefficient between 1 and 10.
-Numbers larger than 1 means it has positive exponents.
-Numbers less than 1 means it has a negative exponents.
Operations in S.N.
To add or subtract in scientific notation, first, convert both numbers to standard form. Then, you add or subtract the numbers in standard form & convert it back to scientic Notation.

Operations in S.N.
To multiply numbers in scientific notation, multiply the 2 decimal numbers and add the exponents of 10.
To divide numbers in scientific notation, divide the 2 decimal numbers and subtract the exponents.
Now that you have learned all the rules about Planet Of The Exponents, you are ready to come and vacation. Remember to be careful of breaking any rule because I know you don't wanna be imprisoned for 3 days doing math all day. I hope to see you there !
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