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Natural Disasters

Central Idea: ''Families, communities and aid organisations work together to respond to natural disasters''

Victoria Smith

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters 'Families, communities and aid organisations
work together to respond to natural disasters' Inquiries Into *How Natural Disasters affect the
short and long term future of a community *How aid organisations react to help
communities affected by natural disasters *Our actions can have a posotive
impact on the life of children
affected by natural disasters Key Concept Questions How do communities overcome damage
caused by natural disasters? (Function) What are the short and long
term effects of natural disasters
in poor communities? (Form) How do aid organisations help
communities to become sustainable? (Function) What action can we take to help build
a brighter future on the life of a child
affected by natural disasters? (Resbonsibility) Group 4 Members: Elena Josh Auguste Emily East Exhibition Central Idea ? Essential Agreements Social Skills Research Skills Self-Management Skills Communication Skills Thinking Skills
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