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Moodle: A Teacher's Guide

No description

Kari Kelly

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Moodle: A Teacher's Guide

Moodle: The Teacher's Guide
Scroll down to "Student Email Sub-Administrator" and select.
Select "Student Email Sub-Administrator Request for Access Application"
Once you submit the batch request, you will download and open an excel spreadsheet that will contain all the student data required to set up your students on Moodle. Just delete unnecessary columns, print up, cut in to strips, and hand out to them.
Step 3
Getting your students' SSO Information
Go to
Fill in
information and submit.
Cost Center: 1872501
This process will give you access to your students' SSO account information. This will take a few days to process. You will get an email confirmation when you are set up for access. Once you have this, you're ready to start getting your students their SSO's!
Helping your students get started with SSO's
Fill in
Go to
Search for Individual Students by...
OR find a whole batch of students at once
Running a batch...
1872501 = Kennedy
1872502 = Magnet
Copy and paste all your students' ID #'s into CSV.
Helping the students set up their passwords.
Students click here.
This information they
1. Student ID#
2. Username
3. Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
4. Emergency Contact Phone Number
Students can now
Log in Here with their
username and password.
Students Find YOUR class!
Students Enter Your Shell Enrollment Key
(You give them this)
They're enrolled and will now
see your course upon sign in!
Sign in with your SSO!
Enrolling the students into your Moodle Class
(once a semester only!)
After Sign-In,
Students Click here
They scroll down to find
Kennedy SH
Students Click here.
Getting a Moodle Shell
Go to: ezaccess.lausd.net

Set up your Moodle (this takes TIME and experimentation)
These videos helped me start...
*The first thing I did was set up my classes by allowing groups (under settings). I created Groups (periods), then I created groupings (Honors, General, AP, U.S., World) and assigned each group to a grouping. I assigned each group an enrolment code that was the same as their class period.
Period 1 = "1" Period 2 = "2"
This step can be tricky, so if you need help
just ask me.
1. Getting your
Moodle Shell

2. Setting
up your

to your
Student SSO

4. Retrieving your Student SSO Data
5. Getting your students started.
Student enters the information that you printed up and cut from the excel spreadsheet. Once their password is confirmed, their username comes up on the screen. They're now ready to log into your Moodle Shell using their username and new password!
*It takes a few days to set up your site, but you
will get an email when it is ready.
Click here.
Enter Your SSO Here!
Click here.
Click here.
Enter Kennedy's phone #
Kennedy = 1872501
Magnet = 1872502
Choose "K-12 Online Learning"
"EdTech - Elementary and Secondary Templates" or Blank.
Click "Secondary"
Click "Add". It will then show "Secondary"
in this box. Highlight and change the
name to your subject's name. Confirm. It should look something like this now. I don't know why it automatically chooses elementary??
Check to agree.
Enter your SSO username
Step 2.
Step 1.
Step 4.
Step 5.
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