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What role did alliances play in starting WWI?

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Lexi Anderson

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of What role did alliances play in starting WWI?

Describe the chain reaction that happens as a result of Francis Ferdinand's death.
What role did alliances play in starting WWI?
Alliances made nations over confident and reckless. They emboldened leaders to act recklessly.

Leaders knew that if they did declare war, powerful allies were obligated to fight along with them.
(No country wanted to be seen as an unreliable partner.)
Austria-Hungary sent a harsh word to Serbia demanding that they help in an investigation into Ferdinand's assassination and Serbia did not agree. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and, since Russia was Serbia's ally, Russia came to help Serbia. Germany was allied with Austria-Hungary and then declared war on Russia. France was Russia's ally, and declared war on Germany. Germany then declared war on Belgium so they could launch an invasion of France. Great Britain had treaties with France and Belgium and immediately declared war on Germany.
(In less than a week, the Central Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary were at war against the Allied Powers of Britain, France, Russia, and Spain.)
Who was allied with who?
The Allied Powers were: Great Britain, France, Russia, and Italy
The Central Powers were: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.
German Kaiser William and the Alliances

Lexi Anderson
Paola Rodriguez

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Great Britain
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