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IL Fox - The Virtual Toolbook for Information Literacy

Presentation given at SUNYLA, 6/14/13

Tor Loney

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of IL Fox - The Virtual Toolbook for Information Literacy

Tor Loney
IL Fox Project Overview
Innovative Instruction
Technology Grants
Contact Us!
“This new competitive grants program will enable partnerships across SUNY to leverage technology as a means to educate students. It serves as an excellent example of the power of SUNY to realize efficiencies through the sharing of resources and instructional partnerships within our system.”
Developed pre/post assessments and usability tests
Conference Presentations
Identified over 1700 experts for entry creation
Expert Identification
Determined technology needs
Technical Aspects
Created materials for reviewers
Knowledge acquisition
Work on a unique project
Partnerships (Internal & External)
Collaborative problem solving
Innovative interactions
Presented at 2012 Annual NYLA Conference
Collaborative Partnerships
Outreach Materials
Criteria for definition and entry creation
Diverse project team
What's Next?
- SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher
Scope of Information Literacy
Research for an
Information Literacy
Virtual Toolbook
Carol Anne Germain
& John Pardavila
The Virtual Toolbook
for Information Literacy

Create Platform
Author Entries/Definitions
Phase Two (Multiple Strategies)
Underlying architecture
Usability and accessibility
Expert authors
LIS students
Expert review board
Usability testing
Please Join Us!
Research the development of an online IL toolbook designed to provide:
Looking for additional experts for entry creation and review
Implementation late 2013
Expert Authors
Tor Loney:
Carol Anne Germain:
Get Involved!
Tor Loney
The Virtual Toolbook
for Information Literacy
Carol Anne Germain
& John Pardavila
Potential Authors
Potential Reviewers
Will submit to PRIMO and MERLOT
Information Literacy terminology, history, context, and applications
Consistent access to a centralized enhanced information database
An entry point into the world of experts affiliated with information literacy
Reviewed available software
Created online forms and templates
Online forms for contact and submission
Communication tools for soliciting and contacting collaborators
Student assignment and related materials
Expert authors and reviewers
Actively seeking additional partnerships
LIS faculty and students
SUNYLA Conference 2013
Scope of project
Locating contact information for experts
"I can be reached at:
my first initial then last name, followed by the "at" symbol and the name of this school "dot" e d u"
Expert Reviewers
Contribute to peer-reviewed resource
Share knowledge with others
Encyclopedia review board membership
Editorial experience
Pedagogical collaboration
Pedagogical collaboration
Any suggestions?
Interested in participating?
View this presentation online:
QR Code

Resource for faculty and students
Need For IL Fox
Lack of central resource dedicated to defining and promoting Information Literacy
Lack of awareness of Information Literacy
Lack of information literacy
Server Space - 250GB Space minimum to start
Virtual Machine with Linux Centos 6.2 (preferable), MySQL 5.5+, PHP 5.4+
Drupal or other Content Management System
5+ customized content templates
Multi User System with ridged permissions
User interface and specific functions
Customization of templates
Specialized Portal
User feedback systems
Platforms Reviewed
Fee-based: eCMS, Github, LiveWhale, Trunity
Open Source: Lingwo, MediaWiki, Omeka
Drupal / Joomla
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