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Crisis in Student Learning

No description

Jon Rawlyk

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Crisis in Student Learning

Student M and Student N
Learning from good/ bad teaching
Glass empty/full
Learning in comfortable/uncomfortable ways
Chew vs. Choo
Oppressive education practices
Learning through crisis Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Start Bullying
Opposing Views
Social Justice issues
Environmental, Gender, Race, Class, Ability
Shy/Attention-seeking students
Uncomfortable topics
New perspectives
Social Structure/Support system
Belonging Case studies Questions for discussion and reflection:

1.What effect does relearning only certain things have on my sense of self, my relations with others, my belonging in this world?

2.Why do schools and society only seem invested in my learning of only certain things?

3.What effect does teaching and learning only certain things have on race relations, socioeconomic distinctions, gender norms, and so forth? Preparing Teachers for Crisis Kevin K. Kumashiro Summary Types of Crisis: 3 groups
3 different scenarios
5 minutes of discussion time with your group
Questions to answer:
1. What is the state of crisis (or crisis’s) involved in this scenario?
2. What would you do as an educator in this situation?
3. How do you think you could guide the class through this crisis/ discussion on this topic? WHAT
CRISIS? How did that make you feel? State of emotional discomfort and disorientation that calls on students to make some change. Students are on the verge of some shift and require the opportunity to work through their emotions and disorientation's. Crisis http://www.classtools.net/widgets/fruit_machine_6/qY52S.htm "O CAPTAIN! My Captain! Our Fearful Trip is Done."
-Walt Whitman
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