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Isolated Adjective Clause Mini-lesson

a brief introduction of adjectival clauses with previous knowledge of adjectival phrases

Ethan Hoeft

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Isolated Adjective Clause Mini-lesson

Production Conjunctive Adverbs The Product Resources I became quite embarrassed because he does not dance well. My friends found a video of my dad doing the Harlem shake.
Today's Grammar Adjectival
Clauses adjectival CLAUSES are different

than adjectival PHRASES An adjectival clause has a subject and a verb. As a group of words it describes a noun. which who whom whose Their purpose is to describe nouns and combine sentences. John submitted an article to the YMLA newspaper. I founded the newspaper. John submitted an article to the YMLA newspaper that I founded. a conjunctive adverb connects complete ideas like a traffic intersection or a bridge transition words:

1. moreover
2. however
3. therefore
4. consequently
5. otherwise
6. whether
7. thus
8. furthermore Dozens of children threw up in Mr. Hoeft's class.

His classes shrank by the end of the day.
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