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Grant Awes

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Adidas

Presented by: Grant Awes May 2010 World Cup Ad June 2010 World Cup Ad Created in 1949
Adidas named after 'Adi' from Adolf and 'Das' from Dassler.
It launched its first pair of football boots with innovative removable studs in 1954.
By the 1960s, the company was manufacturing equipment across various sports, including equipment for fringe sports.
In 1975, the company launched the one of the world's most popular soccer boot: the Copa Mundial. The History Adidas is one of the leading players in the sports goods manufacturing industry across many countries. We produce the following products:
• Footwear
• Sports apparel
• Sports accessories
• Golf equipment
• Golf balls The Problem The Company Competition Nike: 33%
Converse: ~10%
Asics: ~4% % Market Share Assessment The "Wow" factor
ie - Tiger Woods and Lebron James
Big risks
Newcomers hurting bottom-line Assessment One of the newcomers (due to revival)
Target creativity, not athletes
(although trying) Assessment Newcomer
Niche marketing
Not much on TV
Targeting pure Athletes
Dabbling in Fashion Huh??? Communication problems to fix: Create a UNIFORM message
Celebrity Clutter (focus message)
Go back to ADIDAS roots
What do people wear on feet?
Conclude: In 2nd Place!
New Markets!
Trendwatching! How do you fix a billion dollar company? Now the million dollar question... The answer is simplicity and starting with the basics: Define the Brand Durability, Style, Affordable, Practical Fit Abililty to wear for long amounts of time, Expect to last, Gain respect and compliments, Don't want to break the bank Confidence, Comfort, Peak Performance Innovation, Excellence, Commitment, Sustainability Dependable, Caring, Economical, Efficient No Limit on Performance PERSONALITY TRAITS VALUES EMOTIONAL BENEFITS FUNTIONAL BENEFITS PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES The Strategy Focus on basics:
Keep Consistency:
Ad Visuals:
Differentiate from competitors: Performance/Science Celebrate Originality or Impossible is Nothing? Celebities vs the average Joe Style and Status symbol The Consumer She recently graduated from a community college and has been offered two jobs. One is the copy editor at a local newspaper and the other is a managerial position at a corporate bank.
In her past time she enjoys playing tennis, volunteering at a local beach to clean garbage from the shoreline and attends music festivals during the summer.
She only wears Adidas because she knows that the flexible mesh canvas used on the top of Adidas footwear, and the durable vulcanized sole is the perfect combination of comfort and durability to last in any situation she might be put in during her job or in a competitive match of tennis. Meet Clarissa The Communication Perform on the Highest Level, in Any Situation Repeat the Brand Essence to create the tagline: UNLIMITED PERFORMANCE
Confidence to Consumer
Innovation depicted through Science
Brand Loyalty at Young Demographic The Execution Brand Extension Product Packaging Brand Event Corporate Culture In-store Displays In-store Experiment Key demographic = Business Professionals
Time to get fancy!
Premium leather and Scientifically proven Launch of Adidas Premium Footwear
"Black and White Affair"
Flash Mob Ball
PR Brand color clutter
Becoming personal Store Check revealed following:
Adidas positioning
Brand "color clutter" Corp. before premium shoe launch
2-min vid promotion
Lovemarks embodiment Use Science to sell: Human Curiosity
3D Displays
Experiment, not permanent
Free PR Lovemark bond created "Are you ready to reach peak performance?"
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