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Year 9 Turangawaewae Unit Planning Meeting

No description

Shannon Johnson

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Year 9 Turangawaewae Unit Planning Meeting

Year 9
Turangawaewae Unit
Planning Meeting

By the end of this unit students should;
Know who they are and where they fit in at our school and within our community
Feel a sense of belonging to Matamata College, connectedness to the school
Know the history of the school and our community
Know what is available to them at Matamata College
Demonstrate the qualities of a positive citizen who takes pride in contributing to Matamata College
This unit will culminate in a Marae
stay here at Matamata College. At this visit each class will share what they have been working on in each subject area. It was strongly supported that parents should be invited to this evening.
1st day at school survival guide. I have talked to KI and it can be arranged for the Year 13s to help with showing Year 9s around it may have to wait until they get back from camp though. However, it could happen the day they return.
Discussed the need for Year 13s to connect early with Year 9s, they can be a part of Marae stay.
Visit to local Marae, a range of writing activities prepared for these visits.
Common theme running through all curriculum areas is the idea of researching past students. This could be done in a variety of ways; person visits the classes, a skype call with the person, a profile prepared, a pre-recorded video. The people selected are to cover a range of professions to cater for each learning area.
Past students to come in and talk to them.
We discussed the need for Science to come alive early in the year to encourage engagement.
Trees around the school.
Looking ate traditional lotions and natural remedies, perhaps with a Maori focus.
Survival at Matamata College, if stranded here how would you survive?
It was mentioned that genealogy could be looked at?
Visual Arts
Storybooks, local sites with history (pictures and captions) - link with Social Studies looking at history.
Look at doing something similar to Visual Arts but through acting it out.
Look at local sounds, social sounds, create a musical collage, perhaps look at local musicians.

Information Technology
Photo montage of where they are at school for parents.
Bring in pictures and certificates etc.. and create their story up until where they are now.
Word processing for other subjects.
Looking to create things to hang along the wires outside the Technology rooms.
Students will be involved in the design process to create something that represents them and this will hang along the wires.
For example; in fabric students will create a large class banner with a section representing each member of the class. PR trialling this with her group now we look forward to seeing how it goes.
Maori, French, Japanese and English will be used on the sheets provided, but the language the students are looking at will be the largest on the sheet.
Students will look at their family and what is important to them.
Whakapapa, students will construct sentences around this. A lot of learning will take place to construct these sentences. The whakapapa work here can link to the work happening in Mathematics.
Whakatauki (proverbs) that link to identity...
Flipping their course around to bring statistics to the front.
Looking at personal facts, e.g. height, genealogy, family statistics (connection to the College) how far back does your family go as being students here...
Look at historical figures that have gone through Matamata College.
Looking at aerial photos, council plans, names of buildings.
Analysis of the class, compare to another, across the houses.
Maori and English on sheets to gather stats.
Unit encourages group work, co-operation...
Social Studies
Links identified with English and Mathematics.
Look at themselves and the link to the greater community.
Tamihana and Firth.
Create a walking tour, narrative tour, school community, reasons why names change. (Possible link with HPE in terms of creating an orienteering course with related questions.)
Investigating different people who have gone through the school.
Look at significant people within our school, e.g. grounds people, librarian, office staff etc... could be interviewed in person or on tape.
Health and Physical Education
Hauora including the concept of whenua.
Orienteering course - link to Social Studies and Mathematics
100 days photo collage
Respect - code of conduct. Students have a say in generating expectations (ownership of the process).
Look at uniforms over time.
Hikoi to look at major places in school and community.
Houses within classes used more.
Travellers survey
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