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The Journey of the Smartphone



on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of The Journey of the Smartphone

Kyocera 6035
released 2001
first smartphone to be displayed in a widespread use
QUALCOMM and called the PDQ 800
from the Palm OS system
When flipped close it had cellphone features
When flipped open allowed more smartphone features
The Journey of the
a cellular device with computer features
What are some uses of the Smartphone?
Checking e-mails and messages
Using the Internet
Accessing Maps
Social Networking
Accessing News and Weather Reports
and most importantly...
Not paying attention in class
Different types of
Kiranpreet Kaur
Psion 3
released: January 1991
had the same design as laptops
included personal organizer, contacts database, calculator and a clock

-onscreen keyboard
-fax machines
IBM Simon
Features included:
1st generation smartphone
1st touchscreen
Offered predictable typing
When you plugged in the memory card you were able to access the camera, music, and maps
There were also special cards in which you could install more apps
Costs around $899 with a two year contract
Nokia Communicator
more portable
slider QWERTY keyboard
wide screen
web browser
Ericson R380
released in 2000
touch screen
new operating system: Symbian OS
one of the classic smartphones
3.5" backlit monochrome
EPOC operating system
Voice dial
Voice answer
Voice memo
Pocket PC
-games, e-mail, notepad, calculator, clock, calender
-optional memory card
released in 2001
Microsoft announces it's Windows CE Pocket PC OS
Had both hardware and software requirements
TFT resistive touchscreen
Included all the features a windows computer had, like security and download features.
Palm OS Treo 180
T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream
released in June
swing out QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, voice recorder, GPS receiver, digital camera, digital player
first Android phone

had multitouch interface
included a 3.5" glass screen
had chrome plated metal frame
had a back made of aluminum with a back plastic base
First Smartphone That
first device to be a part of the PlayStation Certified Program
Touch-sensitive gaming controls
PSP like gaming buttons
has a bright, 4-inch display and a responsive touch screen
Wi-Fi, messaging and e-mail, a 5-megapixel camera, a smaller front-facing camera, a personal organizer, a full Web browser.
Ericsson Xperia Play
Before BlackBerry's were only a data device where professionals used to constantly check their e-mail
first BlackBerry with a built-in phone
no speaker or microphone, so you had to use the head set
Blackberry 5810
iPhone 4S
came out in October 2011
iOS 5, faster processor 1GHz Dual Core Apple 5 mega pixel camera and SIRI (voice control)
Cloud storage system-iCloud
user interface of iOS is based on direct manipulation with multi-touch gestures
Motorola Attrix
first smartphone/laptop hybrid
worked as a regular cellphone
when connected to its external dock, it functions as a laptop
Mega memory, up to 48GB
Finger-tip security
An HDMI video output which lets you watch videos on you t.v
New and Popular Smartphones
Samsung Epic 4G
Google Nexus 1
Nokia N8
Motorola Droid X
HTC Windows 7
PalmPre 2
Blackberry Torch 9800
myTouch 3G
Google Nexus S
released in 2011
first phone to run Gingerbread
fastest version of Android yet
Internet calls with a SIP account
The phone can function as a portable hot spot
A 1 GHz Hummingbird processor make it one of the fastest phones on the market.
released in early 2002
hand spring release
utilizes full keyboard
First Palm Treo device with a flush touchscreen
First Palm Treo device to support the A2DP Bluetooth Profile
Samsung Galaxy S
first mobile to be manufactured by Samsung that uses open source Android
includes Samsung's new swipe technology.
features a PowerVR graphics processor, which made it the fastest phone till its release
9.9 mm was the thinnest smartphone available
-First smartphone launched with the Intel atom processor
-4.03 inch screen
-8 megapixel camera
-Capable of shooting 10 pictures in a second
Lava XOLO 900
runs with Samaung's TouchWiz Nature UX on tape
8mp rear camera and 1.9 mp font camera
4.8" super AMOED display
covered by Gorilla Glass
myTouch 4G
slide camera phone
most advanced camera of any Android phone
Blackberry Z10
they are
first phone to run in the Blackberry 10 operating system
4.2" wide screen
bigger than iPhone but smaller than most Androids
includes a replaceable battery
will launch in the US with 100,000 apps (e.g. no Instagram or Netflix or most popular apps)
iPhone 5
Thank You
4" screen
7.6mm thin
uses two chips-one for voice
-one for data
camera panorama and dynamic low-light mode
A6 chip 2x faster than A5 chip
two 29 mp powered cameras
the surface of the insight camera is made from sapphire crystal solid and hard)
: world's most advanced mobile operating system
A presentation by Rajvi and Kiran !
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