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GYN Surgical Procedures:

No description

Diamond Jordan

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of GYN Surgical Procedures:

GYN Surgical Procedures:

Laparscopic Tubal Ligation
Why: permanent sterilization
Instruments, Equipment & Supplies: Laparscopy instrumentation, defogging solution, bipolar coag or clips, vaginal tray
Operative Prep: General Anesthesia, abdominal & vaginal prep, laparotomy with lithotomy, one time catheter, seperate field for vaginal set up
Surgical removal of the uterus & cervix
Why: malignancy, fibroids, pain or disease etc
Instruments & Equipment: Laparotomy Set, ESU, Self- retaining retractor of choice, Heaney & Haeney Ballantine clamps
Operative Prep: General anesthesia, abdominal & vaginal prep, catheter, Lap drapes
Vaginal hysterectomies involve the same structures as the abdominal but encountered in reverse order
to block, tie, or cut the fallopian tubes through laparscopic procedure
Salpnigectomy & Ooporectomy
surgical removal of the fallopian tubes
Why: Infection, Ectopic pregnancy, Ovarian or Endometrial cancer
surgical removal of the ovaries
Why: Ovarian cancer, decrease the risk of ovarian & breast cancer due to the hormones produced, cysts, infection or disease
These procedures are usually performed together ( salpingo-oophorectomy) & the uterus would be removed as well
Radical hysterectomy ; Dissesction & removal of the uterus, tubes, ovaries, supporting ligaments, & the upper vagina, together with removal of all recognizable lymph nodes in the pelvis
They take everything!!
Removal of the uterus, all uterine ligaments, adhesions, & any other attachments using a combination of laparscopic and vaginal approach
Why: Benign tumors, Early Uterine Malignancy, Endometriosis
Instruments & Equipment: GYN Laparoscopy Set, lap instrument set, abdominal hysterectomy set, D&C set, camera & video, stirrups, ESU (bipolar) laparoscopic irrigation & suction
Operative Prep: General Anesthesia, abdominal & vaginal prep w/ catheterization, LAVH drapes & drapes for the butt
Removal of the uterus, ovaries & fallopian tubes
Diamond Jordan
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