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What Is Project Based Learning?

No description

Jeff Turner

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of What Is Project Based Learning?

Significant Content
What is Significant Content?
What Is Project Based Learning?
Teachers can powerfully activate students' need to know content by launching a project with an "entry event" that engages the students interest and initiates queationing.
guest speaker
field trip
mock correspondence
lively discussion
Need to know
A Driving Question
Student voice and choice is when students are given the options to actively participate in critical thinking. They apply communication, collaboration and creativity in order to deepen their knowledge, to acquire the skills they will need to learn in the future. When students are given a choice they feel important, thus becoming active learners and participants.
Student Voice and Choice
21st Century Skills
Inquiry and Innovation
Feedback and Revision
Publicly Presented Product Relates to Project-Based Learning

organize tasks around a driving question
Subjects the students find meaningful
Quality vs Quantity
Finding Key Concepts that the students will find relevant in their lives.
Need a driving question that is inquiry based
Resources: edutopia.org

Project Based Learning
Is there a way to defy gravity?

Balanced Forces Acting on an Object

The gravitational pull of earth (in downward direction)
The normal reaction(in upward direction)

Helping students solve highly complex problems using 21t centurt skils including:
-critical thinking
-use of technology
-time management

Every breakthrough discovery begins with a question. In the inquiry, imagination, and innovation theme, you will
what you don’t know,
what you think you know, and learn how to
these new insights into innovative ideas. You’ll also explore how the quest for answers has long driven art, science, imagination, and the creative process.
Meaningful real life project that fulfills an educational purpose.
Teacher delivers the content and students follow up with inspiring and engaging cumulative projects.
Highlighting the 4 c's
Source: 21centuryedtech.wordpress.com
4 C's:
Critical Thinking
The importance of Feedback and Revision when dealing with Project Base Learning is so that the student can capture the full benefits of meaning behind a project. So they can improve the quality in progress, as they engage by communicating, create more questions, and engaging while they learn at the same pace. So their main focus is to sustain their doing so they can support their learning.
Learning to collaborate with others and connect through technology
Resources: atc21s.org
Final step in PBL
How students show the end result of their learning
Ex. students present posters, powerpoints, prezi, commercial, radio ad, mock situation
Physical way for students to prove their understanding and knowledge

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