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Integrated Curriculum

An Educational Love Story: When Science and Social Studies Met Literacy

Ian Grossman

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Integrated Curriculum

An Educational love story: when science and social studies met literacy
A quick poll to see where you are at...
what is curriculum integration?
Barriers to curriculum integration
teachers must have curriculum knowledge of more than one content area
difficult to assess
why should we work to overcome these barriers?
maximize instructional time
create an academically challenging environment
support the shift of instructional practices as we
continue to implement common core state standards
how can you integrate curriculum in your classroom?
integrated assessments
integrated lessons
1. select content areas to integrate

2. Select standards to integrate. Ensure that all standards have been taught and reflect on how they've been taught

3. Choose an assessment type

4. Describe the assessment

5. What will mastery look like? Include both standards.

6. Describe an activity. include what teachers and students will do.

7. Determine how you will formatively assess students

8. make a list of materials/resources you may need to implement this activity
What is curriculum integration?

curriculum integration is the strategic blending or combining of standards from more than one content area into planning, instruction, and assessment.
table discussion

In the video:

which two subjects were being integrated?

Was the content integration standards-based?
common misconceptions:
integration Naturally occurs in almost every lesson; however, it's rarely strategic and standards-based.
Think-Pair-share: what is curriculum integration?
Think of specific examples (activities, lessons, etc.)
If Fulton county decided to add a content integration standard to the tkes, how comfortable would you be with being assessed on that standard?

would anyone like to share what they chose and why?
who are we?
Key objectives
What is curriculum integration and why should we do it?
how can integration be used in a k-5 classroom to enhance student learning and prepare students for future challenges?
What are the steps involved in planning and preparing for an integrated assessment?
"my students read the social studies book today. I integrated social studies and reading."
"my students recorded observations during today's science experiment."
"I read Daniel's story aloud to my class today. It's about the holocaust, which we're currently studying in social studies."
it requires a lot of planning and collaboration.....which means time.
it can be chaotic
students will become college and career ready
what are the steps involved in planning an integrated assessment?
please visit www.edmodo.com and join our group "fc integration k-5" Group code: b83ttf

once you log-in, please respond to the poll question

Please let us know if you need assistance in creating an edmodo account
now it's your turn.
with your grade level, sort the different content standards to determine which standards can be most easily integrated
love story trivia #1....Can you guess the famous love story?

- they fell in love on screen in 1997

- Rich british girl and poor american boy

- he promised he would "never let go.."

- Their love was short-lived after an iceburg got in their way
Jack and Rose
Love Story trivia #2...Can you guess the famous love story?

- she was an Native American princess

- he was an englishman

- He was tortured by her father, but she came to his rescue

- following his return to england, she was told that he was dead
pocahontas and john smith
love story trivia #3...Can you guess the famous love story?

- He is an entrepreneur and an entertainer

- She likes when people "say her name"

- they got married in 2008

- their daughter, Blue Ivy, was born in 2012
jay-z and beyonce
Final Thoughts:

We'd like to thank each of you for your participation in today's course.

All resources, as well as additional information (websites, research, etc.) will be posted on The Edmodo Integration Page.

Please complete and submit the Evaluation (on Edmodo) before you leave.

let's practice together
you've been asked to integrate the following 2 standards:

ELACC3RI1: asks and answers questions to demonstrate
understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text
as the basis for the answers.
s3e2: students will investigate fossils as evidence of
organisms that lived long ago.

what assessments and lessons could you plan to effectively integrate these two standards?
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