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Programmable Logic Controller

No description

Bayani Julian

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic Controller
By: Bayani Julian and Kushal Majmundar
What is a Programmable Logic Controller?
A programmable logic controller or a PLC, is a digital computer used for the automation of electromechanical processes. In other words, a programmable logic controller is a specialized computer used to control machines and processes.
Period 7
The Challenge
Before PLC's were made, people who needed to control manufacturing processes by starting, regulating, and stopping electricity, had to use relays.
Relays are switches that allow for the control of electricity to produce a desired result.
The Problem
Once you planned out all the relays and wires to create a manufacturing process, it was difficult to make changes or improve upon the process.
General Motors wanted to improve their manufacturing, by creating a system that was flexible and easily managed. So they held a competition to see who could successfully create such a system.
The Requirements
The program had to be:
Easily Managed
Handle Working Conditions
Companies Who Were Involved
They were many companies involved, but there were 4 major ones:
Bedford Associates
Information Instrument
Digital Equipment Corp.
Century Detriot
Richard was originally in Bedford Associates
Considered the Father of the PLC
won the contract
Started MODICON for the PLC
June 1969
Birth of PLC 1969
After MODICON was created, Morley made the first viable programmable logic controller and it was called the "084 Model", named after their 84th project. They sold over a thousand units.
Allen-Bradly 1971
Allen- Bradly joined the race. With the help of Odo Struger and Ernst Dummermuth they created a new concept that would make them successful. They called this device the programmable logic controller.
Information Instruments 1972
Created the first terminal for computer programming.
General Electric 1973
In 1973, General Electric created the first design for a general purpose programmable controller, called the Logitrol.
How Does A Programmable Logic Controller Work?
A PLC is sort of like a computer but has a few main differences. They are built for rough and rugged conditions of a factory and is flexible with inputs and outputs.
Assembly Lines
Oil Refineries
Traffic Lights
Home Security Systems
Beginning of PLC
Not very powerful
Very simplistic
Standardization of PLC by:
Making them smaller
Programmable with personal computers

Combining PLC programming languages
Using PCs instead of PLC
How Does A Programmable Logic Controller Work?
A PLC has 3 main components to it:
PLC and PC combined
Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)
Power Supply and Rack
Input and Output Section
Major Changes
Example of Flexibility
You can put in multiple types of inputs and outputs in a PLC's rack. They are very flexible this way.
The PLC was made to replace relays and make it easier to make changes to manufacturing processes.
Richard Morley is considered the creator of the PLC.
The PLC used everywhere, in traffic lights, assembly lines, amusment rides, and many other manufacturing processes.
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Beginning of the PLC
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