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-collectivisation -industrilisation -cult of personality

nahida ali

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of stalin

stalIN collectivisation industrialisation Five Year Plans Stalin said russia was a 'backward country' and must catch up 100 years in 10years. the first FYP actually lasted for 4 years as the
workers exceeded the targets set by Stalin. Stalin created GOSPLAN which set up targets
for all types of production of work. Private trade and working for somebody was announced illegal. Stakhanovites stakhanovites were named after Alexei
Stakhanovite the coal miner. he was credited for digging 100 tonnes of coal in one shift. his record was beaten however by another person who dug 300 tonnes of coal New Industrial cities were built to help increase production.
cities such as Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk Magnitogorsk Arrested people/prisoners weree sent to the industrial cities to work in the labour camps. slave labour was used, those sent to gulags or was arrested because of the purges was sent here. young people volunteered to help. 250000 members of the KOMOSOL were sent to work on the industrial cities every summer. the Five Year plans concentrated on Coal, Steel, Oil, Gas, Engineering, and Chemicals. In the first five year plan stalin called for an increase of 200% People were afraid of Stalin and his punishments so lied aabout the total output. stalin was so impressed by the output he changed the first FYP into a 4 year plan and started the next FYP asap stalin wanted to increase his power over the soviet union and so the FYP enabled him to do this. 1st FYP 1928-1932
2ND FYP 1933-1937
3rd FYP 1938- WWII heavy industry heavy industry and transport RE-ARMING FOR WAR, WEAPONARY failures were:-
*Bad Conditions
*Not all targets met
*CREATED JOBS it was apart of the FYP. collectivisation was to solve the food problem in the Soviet Union. food rationing was introduced in 1928 Stalin wanted to sell wheat abroad in order to increase foreign currency exchange rate so he could then afford new technology. Stalin liquidated the kulaks. 2 types of collective farms were set up. SOVKHOZES
stat farms, all the land was owned by the state and all the produce went to the state too. workers were paid wages wheteher they were good or bad these farms proved to be very expensive and only a few were set up. KOLKHOZES THESE WERE COLLECTIVE FARMS THAT WERE OWNED BY THE WORKERS. THE WORKERS HAD TO SUPPLY A FIXED AMOUNT OF FOOD TO THE STATE AT FIXED PRICES. IF THERE WAS NO EXTRA FOOD, THE WORKER STARVED 240,000 COLLECTIVE FARMS WERE SET UP BY 1940. successes of collectivisation:-
*by 1937, when collectivisation was almost complete, wheat production was up by a third.
*Peasants worked better on land that was their own(collectives)
*in 1937,the collctives produced 51 percent of the soviet unions vegetables and 72 percent of meat and milk.
extreme kulaks were sent to labour camps in siberia partly active kulaks were sent to work in industria cities inactive kulaks were made to work on the harder part of the farm. the kulaks resisted and destroyed crops and animals. this lead to a famine in 1932-34. 5,000,000 people died. FAILURES:-
*STALIN'S AIM TO SET UP SOVKHOZES DIDN.T WORK SO RELIED ON KOLKHOZES MORE. Cult of Personality stalin was a dictator so he wanted to show that he was god like he created out that he was a genius at everything, he was described as "GENIUS OF THE AGE" the soviets were told that stalin was never wrong, they never question his authority as they knew what he was capable of e.g kulaks, trials, labour camps etc he expected love and worship not respect and obedience. Rallies were held to show his love and statues of him and lenin were built to remind. he closed down places of worships, churches and mosques, as he thought people should worship him. stalin used propoganda to enforce his idea's of his cult, he favoured pictures and sculptures. a famous one was the edited version of stalin and lenin sitting together. lenin included in his testament that stalin should have the title of Chairman taken away from him. stalin changed history, changed textbooks so that it went within his rules. he erased the ideas of trotsky and other leaders and made himself to be more than he actually was. the high point of the Cult of Personality was after the second world war when stalin began further purges PROPOGANDA CENSORSHIP terror God building e.g named streets, sang songs, wrote poems to stalin. destroyed religion and re-wrote history, lied about everything. If people disagreed with what stalin did, they were placed in gulags,labour camps, siberia or shot. increased terror due to purges
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