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The Living Conditions of the Soldiers in WWII

No description

Lily S

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of The Living Conditions of the Soldiers in WWII

What were common health issues among the soldiers?
What were the living conditions like for soldiers fighting in World War II?
by: Amanda Coscia, Lily Swain, and Ben Schiff
What were the soldiers given to eat?
Food was an issue when is came down to transferring it to the front
By the time the food got to the soldiers, the bread was stale
Soldiers crumbled the hard food and added potatoes, and onions to soften the mixture up.
Soldiers had to carry soup through the trenches, however it was never warm
What was life like for Soldiers fighting in the war?
more than 16 million american soldiers served in the war, but fewer than one million ever saw serious combat
Was World War II justified?
World War II
World War II was justified in some ways but in others, it was not:
The need to stop current extreme powers (such as Hitler and many other powerful dictators).
If World War II had never occurred the dictators could have gained more power and land.
It was not justified because of the many unnecessary casualties during the war. Because of this war, almost a whole generation of young men were wiped out.
Along with the deaths, the soldier's conditions were horrible and they had to endure things that no human should ever endure.

infantry represented 14% of troops over seas
7 out of 10 soldiers suffered causalities
soldiers were asked to do physical labor
transporting food, clothes, weapons, and medicine needed to win the war
shelters were crowded and full of diseases
veterans who fought in the war may have been exposed to chemical and environmental hazards that could cause potential health risks

High-intensity noise and vibration can cause or contribute to hearing loss and tinnitus
exposure to radiation during military service could lead to certain cancers
Cold injuries may result in long-term health problems

PTSD in Veterans after World War II
PTSD is not generally associated with World War II veterans considering the term did not emerge until after the war in Vietnam
term used to describe psychological problems after World War II was "combat fatigued"
"The vets I meet are surprised to learn I’m a weightlifter who does interval training on the treadmill and that I can make it through a conversation without nodding off. I tell them how PTSD has affected me: I avoid elevators, crowds and July 4th fireworks; I’m claustrophobic from the 12 days I spent in a lightless cell at the Luftwaffe interrogation center in Germany, and I won’t fly unless I have an aisle seat."
-Norman Bussel; World War II Veteran and author of memoir "My Private War"

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