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Seven Habits

No description

victoria perreault

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Seven Habits

The Seven Habits Of Happy Kids begin with end in mind put first things first be proactive think win win seek first to understand then to be understood synergize sharpen the saw To be proactive you have to
think of things in a positive
way in stead of in an nagative
way and to always do your best. when you begin with end in mind
you have to think in your mind
if you should do something
before you do it instead of just
doing it cuase what you do before you
think about it could hert you or
or someone else. put first things first
if you where to have
homework and you thought
that you could do it
after you play with your
freindsand then somthing
else comes up and you don't
have time to do your homework thats why you should put first things
to think win win
you can't say
you can't do it
instead say i CAN
do it so if you
say have a soccer
game and you can't
kick the ball in
the net don't say
you can't do it
cuase you can if someone is talking to
you have to acctually
look in the persons eyes
and listen instead of
playing with something
well someone is talking
to you so when someone
is talking to you use
your heart not just your eyes to synergize you have to
work as a team and figure
out what everyones strangthes
are cuase everyone is good at
something when you sharpen the saw
you make shure every day
you are eating ealthy
and exercizing like if you
have a skate if its not
sharpend you won't be
able to skate so if you don't
make your body healthy you won't
be able to do fun activities
so to be healthy use your: soul
heart body and mind. pictures some habites some more habits jumper doing what
he's best at sammy being bord my favorite habit my favorite habit is
to begin with end in
mind cuase i like
thinking befor i do
something so just in
case i don't get in
trouble for doin
somethin dumb
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