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azalia ain

on 10 January 2013

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SOCSO = The Social Security Organization
Also known as Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (PERKESO)
Established in 1971 to administrate the Social Security Act 1969.
Provides a comprehensive social security protection for Malaysians. PROFILE THE SOCIAL SECURITY ORGANIZATION SOCSO PRESENTED BY: MAIN FUNCTION:

registering employer/employees,
collection of employers/employee contributions,
processing and disbursing claims made by salaried employees and their dependants.
provides physical and vocational rehabilitation benefits to claimants and
promotes occupational safety and health awareness. MISSION

To provide social security protection to employees and their dependants through social security schemes and to increase awareness of occupational safety and health for the well-being of employees and their families. VISION

The Premier and Outstanding Leader in Social Security. CORPORATE OBJECTIVE
To ensure and guarantee benefit payments are adequate, timely and socially just and to enhance the level of occupational safety and health. PRINCIPAL EMPLOYER *Employer who has employed an employee directly to work for him.

*The employer is responsible for the payment of wages and all the service matters of the employee. *employer who works for a principal employer by way of a sub-contract

*direct control of the employees employed by employer

*Employer who employs one or more employees required to register and contribute monthly to SOCSO for all employees under the Employees' Social Security Act, 1969 *Employer must to ensure that all employees have been registered and their contributions have been paid.
*Register at the SOCSO office within 30 days from the date a worker is first employed Registration for employers :- *Form 1 (Employer's Registration Form) to be
submitted with 2 copies of the following
-Private Limited Companies ( Sdn. Bhd.)
*Form 9 (Companies Act 1965)
*Form 49 (Companies Act 1965)
-A sole proprietorship
*Form D (Certificate of Registration)
*Form A (Certificate of Business)
*A copy of the Council of Legal Practice -Clinic
*Form 12 (Medical Act 1971 - Approval of MMA)
-Audit Office
*Companies Act 1965 - Approval of auditors
-Organization / Association
*Form 3 (Regulation) Act 1966 (the Rules of
Organization 1984
*Document as required. * Salaried RM3, 000 or less per month
-Compulsory to contribute to SOCSO
-Malaysian citizens and Permanent Residents
* Income more than RM3, 000 a month
-never registered - given the option to either
registered or not
-both the employer and the employee agreed
* The principle of 'once-straight qualifying eligible‘
-To those people who contribute and their
income increase more than RM3, 000 they
must to continue. Categories of workers are excluded from coverage by SOCSO : -Government employees
-The home service
-Foreign workers
-The owner and the spouse of the sole
proprietorship or partnership owned business EMPLOYMENT INJURY INSURANCE SCHEME *Employment injury insurance scheme provides protection to employee who suffer from accident arising from work.

*Employment injury means personal injury to employee caused by an accident or occupational disease. Coverage : The employment injury insurance scheme protect
employee from:

*Accident occur while working at the work place
and was caused by the employee job

*Accident occur while traveling
- on a route between his place of residence and
his work place *Accident during emergency at the employee premise while in this course of rescuing or protecting other people from disaster.

*Occupational disease result from his occupation
- Loss of hearing due to exposure continuous
excessive noise
- Industrial asthma as a result of exposure to
dust Benefit provided under the scheme *Medical benefit
-protection for employee who meet with an accident or
suffer from an occupational disease.

-Employee are entitled to free treatment at Socso panel
clinic/government hospital

-For serious injures treatment should obtained at a
government hospital and eligible for 2nd class ward.

-For treatment received from a clinic which is not Socso
panel, employee can submit application for reimbursement
payment to relevant Socso office *Temporary disablement benefit
-this benefit is paid on employee who has been certified by a doctor to be unfit or work for not less than 4 days, including the day of the accident
-For accident which occur while commuting have to submit police report, sketch map of place of accident
-Duration for report which is 48 hours and if later than 12 month will not be entertained. *Permanent disablement benefit

-defined as a lasting disability due to an
employment injury

-The employee may continue to work while
received this benefit

-Claim must be made within 12 month from the
date of final medical certified issued

-The case will be referred to the medical board
disability assessment. The decision of the
assessment will be notified to the insured

-For constant attendance allowance it will be paid
to an employee who is suffering from permanent
total disablement(100% loss of earning capacity) *Dependant benefit

-If an employee dies as a result of an employment injury, his dependants are entitled to this benefit

-Widow or widower received benefit for life even thought widow remarries on or after

-Children, will received benefit up to age 21, and if the child is currently studying in a institute, will received benefit up to completion of first degree IMMEDIATE EMPLOYER EMPLOYER'S LIABILITY Employee Funeral benefit

*An amount RM1500 will be paid if an employee dies as a result of an employment injury

*Payment will be made to the eligible kin. But if there no next kin, benefit will be paid to the person who incurred the funeral expenditure. *Rehabilitation benefit
-Facility for vocational and physical rehabilitation are provided free of charge by Socso to an employee who suffer from permanent disablement

-Physical rehabilitation:
*Occupational therapy
*Reconstructive surgery
*Supply of artificial limbs Invalidity is defined as a serious disablement or morbid condition of a permanent nature that is either incurable or not likely to be cured, as a result of which an employee is unable to earn at least 1/3 of what a normal able person could earn. INVALIDITY PENSION SCHEME The benefits provided under the Invalidity Pension Scheme are:

-Invalidity Pension (Pencen ILAT)
-Invalidity Grant ( Bantuan ILAT)
-Constant Attendance Allowance
-Survivor’s Pension (Pencen Penakat)
-Funeral Benefit (Faedah Pengurusan Mayat)
-Rehabilitation Benefit ( Bantuan Pemulihan )
-Education Benefit *Provides 24 hrs coverage to an employee against invalidity due to any cause not connected with this employment.

*Chronic ailments or disease that could be considered – heart attack, renal or kidney failure, cancer, mental illness, chronic asthma.

*When: from the date SOCSO receive the notice of invalidity or the date of resignation if employee stop working after submit the notice of invalidity.

*How: It would be paid as long as the employee suffers from invalidity or until he dies, whichever is earlier.

*Employee who die while receiving invalidity pension, the pension will be converted to survivor’s pension (Pencen Penakat) irrespective of his/her age at that time. Invalidity Pension *Has been certified to be suffering from invalidity by the Medical Board or to the *Appellate Medical Board, but it is not eligible to receive Invalidity Pension as he does not fulfill any of the qualifying contribution conditions.

*Has made contributions for at least 12 months.

*The Invalidity grant is equal to the total amount of contributions paid by the employee for the Invalidity Pension Scheme including the interest.

*This payment is made in form of a one-time lump sum payment. Invalidity Grant *The insured who has been certified to be suffering from Invalidity and needs constant care from another person is eligible for Constant Attendance Allowance if decided by the Medical Board

*This allowance will be given to the insured person. The rate of this allowance is 40% of the Invalidity Pension benefit rate and subject to a maximum monthly payment of RM500 Constant Attendance Allowance *Facilities for vocational and physical rehabilitation are provided free of charge
to an employee who suffer from invalidity

*Physical rehabilitation includes:
-Occupational therapy
-Reconstructive surgery
-Supply of artificial limbs such as artificial leg, hand, eye and dentures
-Supply of other orthotic equipments such as wheelchairs, crutches,
hearing aids, spectacles and orthopedic shoes
-Return to work programmed
-Dialysis treatment Rehabilitation Benefit *Vocational rehabilitation includes:

-Vocational training in course such as electrical wiring,
tailoring, radio/TV repairs, metal trade, refrigerator and
air-conditioner repairs, plumbing, typing and secretarial
work. *This pension is payable to the dependants of an employee who dies irrespective of the cause of death, in any of the following situations:
-While an employee is receiving Invalidity
Pension irrespective of his age
-When an employee has not attained age 55
but has met either the full qualifying
condition or reduced qualifying condition. Survivor’s Pension The dependant children of an employee who is in receipt of SOCSO’s monthly for Invalidity Pension or Survivor’s Pension may apply for this educational benefit. Education Benefit The Star - 26 November 2012 SUMMARY
*Muhammad Hanief, 2 years old stay with his grandparents after his parents died in an accident.
*His parents were crushed to death by a school bus while on their way to work.
*His mother worked at Tawakal Specialist Hospital for 4 years.
*His family doesn't realized the benefit from SOCSO until it found in media. The Star - 15 October 2012 Azie Aisya Zariah Pika Nomo Nur Hazirah Binti Hamdan

Purnomo Bin M Antara

Nor Aisyah Binti Md Yusof

Zariah Binti Zakaria

Shafikah Binti Tajuddin
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