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Sharing is Saving

Niels Kramer

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of JustBorrow

Me :-) Family Neighbors and people nearby Football Team School university Kinder garden parents Pipe smoking fathers circle young mothers group Extreme sports fanatics Disables or Sick Work Colleagues Your friends have lots of stuff. They will share with you... Susan Susan And I got a lot of stuff!!! Stuff that I sometimes use, but don't really need to own.... Stuff that costs a lot of money... And Stuff WE simply don't have the resources for. So let's SHARE what we've got! Save Money!
Save The Planet!
and help the people in your community! And get access to everything you need! JustBorrow is an online marketplace for things you need to use , but don't need to own, Because you'll save money and our environment.
Because people close to you have what you need.
Because the next time they need something... You can help! We'll help you create sharing circles We need your help to make this happen!
Please donate, every $ helps.
Thank You :-) CEO Jane Jane from the 3rd floor has lot's of baby cloth that you can use untill her next pregnancy. And John the CEO has this great guitar that he used to play, but for some reason found it's way to the garage. Brother Your Brother loves his bike.
You only ride now and then...
He'll lend it to you! His wife Little July Friends You can setup as many sharing circles you want People Close to you, People you Trust We'll remember with whom you share and remind them when they should return your stuff. Let's get Sharing ! Bill Me :-) I live in a world where corporate interests and economy are more important than human rights and environment. You should get to know Bill, he's got lots of stuff too and is a really nice guy who lives at the end of your street
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