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World Sport:Table Tennis Detailed

No description

Harrison Chan

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of World Sport:Table Tennis Detailed

World Games: Table Tennis By Bobby Cao, Harrison Chan,
Jack Fan and Henry Stathis What is table tennis? Thanks for Watching © 2013 Table Tennis is a sport that can be played with 2 or 4 people. In other words, Singles or Doubles. For the game you would need a wooden racket that is flat and rigid on both sides. There also has to have a table that has a net in the middle. Table tennis is also known as Ping Pong. Rules There are many rules for table tennis. The ball used has to have a diameter of 40mm. It has to weigh 2.7g and have a colour of white, orange or matt. Another rule is that the table has to match its requirements such as the sizes and colour. Each player also has to serve two points in a row until they switch the server. Court Specifications One of the most important thing in table tennis is the table/court. The sizes for a basic table are 274cm in length, 152.5cm in width. The net is normally 15.25cm high and the height of the table is 76cm. The general color for the tables are either green or blue. Laws of the Racket The racket for table tennis has many
requirements. At least 85% of the racket has to be natural wood. The side of it used for striking the ball has to be covered with pimpled rubber. All flat parts of the racket has to be even thickness. This means without any bumps coming out. One side has to be red and one has to be black. World Sport Where is it played? Table tennis is often played in China and in many other countries as an Olympic sport. It first started in Europe. It was first played around 1880 by the upper class as an after dinner Parlour game. Table Tennis was introduced into the Olympics in the year 1988 as an olympic sport. It became especially popular in the communist countries. It is suggested that British Army officers came up with the game in India and then brought it back with them to england. Types of uniform (professionals) Genders that play this game Some pictures of table tennis Table tennis is a national world wide sport so both female and males play this as it is a very similar sport to tennis. In table tennis there is also female and male competitions. The type of clothing that the table tennis people wear depends on which country they are. Nearly every country has a different uniform. For shoes you should wear tennis or squash shoes with soft rubber sole. For clothes you should wear a comfortable and lightweight to move around in. Keep the shorts above the knees to move around easily. Also don't wear a shirt that has a distracting logo. The competitive women wear shoes and shirts similar to men but skirts are acceptable. Here is a video of profesional Table Tennis players
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